9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Ukrainian Edition

  1. I saw an interview with a Fmr US Admiral today. He said the first thing they teach you at Admiral School is don’t let the flagship get bombed, sunk or fired up.

    I guess that’s only at US schools…


  2. From Forbes describing the ship…

    “The Russian navy cruiser Moskva by far is the most powerful warship in the Black Sea. If Russian President Vladimir Putin orders his troops to widen their war in Ukraine, Moskva, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, undoubtedly would lead the naval assault.

    Think of Moskva as a 12,500-ton, 612-foot mobile missile battery with nearly 500 people aboard. She packs enough anti-ship missiles to wipe out the entire Ukrainian navy and enough air-defense missiles to swat away any conceivable aerial attack on the Black Sea Fleet’s amphibious flotilla.”

    Rendered useless by Ukraine. Now I know Russia has explained this as a fire in their ammo hold, but without naming a cause of that fire, that does not preclude a missile strike. Both things could be true. Ukraine hit the ship with a missile, which caused a fire in ammo hold, which disabled the ship.

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  3. CI… let’s say you’re the Admiral… incompetence doesn’t seem much better in this case. does it? Might be a reason Russia bombed a missile factory in Ukraine last night.


  4. I’ve heard that Turkey has closed passage to the Baltic so Russia cannot replace The SS Minnow, I mean Moscow, with other ships. True?

    Cause if so, that put their remaining ships at way greater risk Like an air battle without AWACs maybe…


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