I’m going to rhetorically lose my shit if the current Commander in Chief utters the same stale, tired and false LIES about the 2nd Amendment and firearm ownership

Seriously……does he not have anyone in his team who actually has an understanding of our Civil Rights? Or does he just trot out the same tropes for the sake of political gamesmanship?

Fact check, with regard to Biden’s not just latest, but consistent remarks………early American Citizens could actually own (and did) a cannon, thank you very much.

9 thoughts on “SMH……

  1. I am all for allowing ownership of the same kind of cannons that the early citizens were permitted to purchase and enjoy. I am fairly sure one of those cannons could not be easily used to commit mass shootings of innocent kids and other people just shopping at a mall.
    I am all in favor of people having every one of their civil rights and to have them unabridged and readily available to all citizens. Owning a gun is one of those civil rights and I support ownership of guns by law abiding citizens a hundred percent. But the pursuit of Life, liberty and Happiness is a civil right too and I do not support laws that allow nut bags to deprive citizens of their life, liberty and happiness through the blazing muzzle of a gun. So we need to do something to make sure that it is only “Law Abiding” citizens who can get their hands on a gun … especially a gun that was designed to make hash of the human body in combat situations …a gun like the weapons used in some of the mass shootings .. those “AR” things …guns that can explode a human head, can completely destroy the entire thoracic region of a human body, a gun that can decapitate a victim, a gun that can blow limbs off a corpse, a gun that can leave a victim so unrecognizable that DNA tests are required for identification. I think that is a bridge a little too far.

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  2. Two funnies.
    Not far from where we live now, someone planted a copy of a German bomb tail fin in their garden.
    (Yes, they were Ukrainian).
    It wasn’t so much the woke level complaints the council received about the “shaming Germany for not supplying weapons”, but when the bomb squad turned up to check it wasn’t real, that made the local news!

    Years ago I was living near a RAF base. Annoying little B’s at 11pm at night doing circuits above our cottage. So I mocked up a SAM unit out of drain pipe and cardboard. Next day the police arrived, with a RAF officer, complaining that it had “Put his chaps off their practicing”.
    Then the fun bit, the police were laughing like mad at the obviously fake missiles and agreed that I could put up “a sculpture” in my garden anytime.
    Still, I got my way. No more flying over the cottage.

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