Dusting off a previous rebuttal…..

I’ve written several times over the years, about the illogical restrictions on our Constitutional and Civil Right, pushed by both major political parties; gun control being the campaign du jour of the Left.

“Universal Background Checks” are again being touted as legislation designed to curb shootings…mass or otherwise.

So, allow me to dust off a post from early 2018, that makes the same point I would makes today:

One of the proposals currently being considered, by the Right and the Left….is the notion of “Universal Background Checks” [UBC]. One of the misconceptions used in this argument, is that there is some sort of loophole in the law, often referred to by the ignorant, as a “gun show loophole”. There is nothing of the sort. People attending gun shows wishing to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer, undergoes the same NICS process as they would a gun show. Those wishing to conduct a purchase from another private citizen selling at the show, does so without NICS, just as they would were they to conduct a transaction with their neighbor.

When we propose legislation, we require an enforcement mechanism. In other words, if you fail to abide in accordance with the law, there is a consequence. With UBCs however, there is no enforcement mechanism, because the State has no means to be apprised if a Citizen has violated the law.

For example, if UBC is statute law, and I sell my firearm to my neighbor without taking him/her to an FFL dealer…..how does the State know? If my neighbor proceeds to use said purchased firearm in the commission of a crime, and is apprehended……unless he/she confesses to the lawful transaction…..how does the State know that the law was violated.

The obvious answer is, that without a mandatory registration of ALL firearms, there is no enforcement mechanism for UBCs.

If you think there is righteous pushback on UBC…..wait until the gun control cabal tries to proffer registration…..

13 thoughts on “Dusting off a previous rebuttal…..

  1. CI Asks… correctly I believe, “… UBC is statute law, and I sell my firearm to my neighbor without taking him/her to an FFL dealer…..how does the State know? If my neighbor proceeds to use said purchased firearm in the commission of a crime, and is apprehended……unless he/she confesses to the lawful transaction…..how does the State know that the law was violated.”

    So let me assume that you [a generic you of course] are generally law abiding and do things by the book, meaning you had a UBC when you bought that gun. You sell it in a privater transaction to your neighbor, who gets into a fight with someone and kills them with your old gun.

    The cops confiscate that gun, check the registration and find out it is/was your gun.

    Then what happens?

    I don’t pretend to think any or all of the proposals by the left will work to stem all of the gun violence or shootings we are seeing now. Maybe some, but not all.

    My question for the more pro gun side, is this…

    What specific solutions are you willing to propose to stem the tide, in this case, of mass Uvalde type shootings?

    Because silence on issues like this usually end in showpiece legislation that looks good in the showroom, but runs like a dog on the road.

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    • You said ‘check the registration’. Therein lies one of the point’s I was making. For UBC’s to have any effect whatsoever, there has to be a national firearm registry. Current law requires that Form 4473 be kept by the selling FFL for 20 years. That of course resides at that FFL. So, sure federal agents can trawl gun stores until their blue in the face….and it still wouldn’t account for firearms sold prior to that regulation [1989 I think?], or transferred between owners at anytime in history prior to the enactment of UBC.

      I have no real issue with a minimum age to purchase a firearm, as long as they don’t try and get cute by attempting to mandate the age where one can use a firearm. I could also discuss ‘red flag’ laws, as long as the proper Due Process mechanisms were in place to mitigate wrongful and vindictive appeals to enact the warrant.

      Background checks as they current exist are fine….except that juvenile records should be unsealed and available to NICS…..with proper precautions for spillage of course.

      But I also want things in return. The Left talks high and mighty about ‘compromise’, but I have forever asked, where is the compromise from the Left? I obviously get no answer. I want suppressors and short barrel rifles removed from the NFA, with the tax stamp fee and the nearly year-long wait for the ATF to approve.

      See? I can compromise.


  2. Just leave the damned guns alone. The gun craze might be a product of some mysterious force of evolution designed by Nature Herself as a form of natural population control. We sure wouldn’t want to upset the balance of Nature any more than we already have, now do we? I believe that every child born into this world should be given both a birth certificate and a gun permit at birth and that the gun culture should begin to be included in the growth of children as soon as they take their first steps. In fact, this training should be as important as potty training and if people wish to do an extraordinary job with it, they can always play pre-recorded firearms encouragements softly spoken to the ears of the unborn through the skin of the mother-to-be. Instead of laws to control guns, I think we need to enact laws requiring every ambulatory citizen to own at least one gun and that gun ownership needs to be a requisite for getting a job, for collecting welfare, for collecting social security, for entering a college, for entering a military service, for getting a marriage license …for everything that requires some form of pre-qualification …and, in fact, it would be reasonable for schools to be required to award a shiny new gun to every graduating student along with their diploma or their degrees … A law needs to be passed that requires every person entering a public building of any kind to be armed ..Spot checks by law enforcement ought to be the Law so that Police would have the right to check everyone they encounter to see if the person is carrying a gun and if the person is found to be unarmed, the person would be subject to arrest and a hefty fine. Another law needs to be passed requiring every place of worship displaying a figure of the diety needs to display the diety figure with a gun in their hands. I believe that the stars in the American flag should include small images of guns be imprinted onto them and that the Motto of America should be rewritten to say, “In God And Guns We Trust.” Along with all that I also suggest that another law get passed that requires every citizen, regardless of age, to wear a prominent and fashionable Western Hat and own at least some degree of financial interest in a horse .. or actually own a horse of their own. I think that church bells ought to be replaced with recordings of gun shots calling worshippers to services, I believe that all broadcast programs over the air should begin and end with a 21-gun salute. I believe fire extinguishers in all public places be replaced with an appropriate gun and that the United States Postal Service should sell only stamps featuring firearms. I believe that any person who dares to make a public statement against owning guns should be required, by law, to undergo extensive mental health evaluations and I believe that gun proficiency should be a basic requirement for American citizenship. If all this were to happen, I believe the gun violence problems would be solved very soon.

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  3. It can be whatever you desire it to be because it won’t be there much longer after that anyway. The Russians will turn it into a museum to the degradation of capitalism and will dismantle it and move it to St. Petersburg. Some Trumpist will dedicate the new location with a bottle of vodka and an ode to the “Savvy Genius Strategists” that made it all happen.


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