After making exactly the right call on the Bruen case, and decidedly less so in Dobbs (I am not optimistic that this Court will protect an inherent Right to privacy with regard to other cases specifically cited by Clarence Thomas)………the Court too a decided faceplant with KENNEDY v. BREMERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT.

There are plenty of places to read the history of the case and it’s appeals, so I won’t bother with that. But I oppose this ruling. Not only am I a fervent defender of religious liberty, but I am a fervent proponent of the tenet of Separation of Church and State.

Decades spent in the Armed Forces, where I couldn’t possibly count the number of times I was a captive audience for Chaplain (or Layman) led prayer. This began with a mandatory church service early in Basic Training, where we were all marched to the Harmony Church Chapel (Fort Benning, GA), and required to sit through the service, on the weak premise, that the command “just wanted to ensure that we all knew where the chapel was”. Uh huh.

It is unprofessional and unethical to allow an adult in a leadership role, where the entire audience is also captive, to lead children in a religious ceremony, rite or prayer. No fan really of Sotomayor, but I do agree with her dissent:

“Today, the Court once again weakens the backstop. It elevates one individual’s interest in personal religious exercise, in the exact time and place of that individual’s choosing, over society’s interest in protecting the separation between church and state, eroding the protections for religious liberty for all.”

“Today’s decision is particularly misguided because it elevates the religious rights of a school official, who voluntarily accepted public employment and the limits that public employment entails, over those of his students, who are required to attend school and who this Court has long recognized are particularly vulnerable and deserving of protection.”

I eagerly await when an Islamic coach fires up a prayer at mid-field, and the reaction of all who support this ruling.

9 thoughts on “SCOTUS Trips

  1. If an Islamic coach fires up prayer on a football field the only thing that will happen is that all the Islamic players will fall on their foreheads to pray and all the infidels will take a knee in protest and the main stream media will have a shit fit about it all and Clarence Thomas might try to overturn the right of people to pray at football games trying to restrict all religious activity to churches .. or some other cockamamie ignorance and America will continue her slow slide into democratic oblivion.

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  2. You and I have our quirks regarding the 2nd.. but we agree on the separation thing and it seems abortion.
    Not that we have to, of course. But it does show the levels of opinion can be diverse without a party bias getting in the way.

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  3. CI… your last comment hits the nail that many fail to acknowledge, on the head.

    So thanks.

    I’ve learned reading you that while I don’t always agree with the end result of your thinking, there’s lots of good there. For anyone to deny that decisions like Griswold, Lawrence, Obergefell and even Loving are at least at risk after hearing and reading the words of Justice Thomas and Senators Lee and Blackburn, is ludicrous.

    BTW… your example of Christians and how’d they act were a coach to pull out an Islamic prayer rug on the 50 yard line is spot on. I dare say many in my “tribe” would go nuts. Because they believe the Christian view of freedom of religion only applies to their brand.

    2nd BTW… any thoughts on the 10 year old rape victim in Ohio who was denied an abortion at 6 weeks and 3 days and the judge who told her to see this as an opportunity to bring good out of bad? Or the moving of the GOP Ohio to criminalize movement across the border to access abortion? A movement we’re seeing across red states.

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