A Criminal Level of Congressional Ignorance

I watched a bit of the House Committee hearing on HR1808 (Federal “assault Weapons” Ban). And I’m re-watching the entirety on YouTube today.

I’m almost speechless. I’ve long said that Congress, especially where it regards gun control, is fundamentally and willfully ignorant about the lawful and Constitutionally protected item that they wish to legislate against.

The stunning display of un-education by the Democrats on the Committee not only spoke to my statement above….but underlined it, bolded it and finished with an exclamation point.

Even if you support gun control, do you support such ignorance? Either they’re stupid…..or they think you’re stupid.

My favorite debacle so far:

Rep Cicilline on stabilizing braces: “When attached here, it turns this weapon into an automatic weapon. It becomes a bump stock, and so it will allow that to essentially be fired like an automatic weapon. That’s the danger.”

Cue the (((Facepalm)))……..

But wait, the genius from Rhode Island isn’t done!

“No one has said it is a bump stock, but what we are saying is it harnesses the semiautomatic fire recoil and it operates like a bump stock because subsequent shots occur in rapid succession. That’s exactly what a bump stock does.”

And another gem: “It (AR-15) was designed to kill someone wearing a military helmet. What that does to a civilian wearing nothing — is liquify organs.”

This from a PhD who used to fly helicopters for the Marines and “her research focuses on the intersection of social integration and military effectiveness, with a focus on gender and unconventional warfare.” Uh huh.

And from Eric Swalwell, D-CA: “There is never an instance where an assault weapon can be classified as a “weapon of defense.” The only way to describe these dangerous firearms are “weapons of war.”

There is no such animal as a “defensive firearm”….or an “offensive firearm”.

17 thoughts on “A Criminal Level of Congressional Ignorance

  1. I think that every American citizen should be required by law to own an AR15-style weapon along with a lifetime supply of high capacity magazines. If that were a law, the gun violence problem would solve itself through attrition sooner or later and people could finally relax and stop worrying about it.

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  2. Americans like to buy guns and companies like to make money selling them.

    Americans like to watch the news and companies like to sell in commercials.

    Kids being killed in schools in America is big news.

    Politicians commenting in the news on school shootings gets more votes from their base.

    Companies lobby popular politicians to improve gun sales.

    Popular politicians make more money

    Until it’s profitable to save kids from gun violence, kids will continue to die


      • You Stated — “A typically pedestrian response, bereft of anything except emotion.”

        My Response — I would agree it’s pedestrian but you missed the mark on emotion. What you are seeing is a pure lack of emotion because I’m desensitized to the issue.

        Realistically money and public desire keep these issues in motion. Addressing a symptom of money will not solve the challenges it creates.

        People love money and people love drama


      • You Stated — “While I respect your opinion……your comment had nothing to do with the topic of my post”

        My Response — Isn’t the opposite true? I’m agreeing that you see ignorance when reviewing the strange behavior of congress BUT I’m stating that it’s all theater. You are watching the grand show. The ones that make a fool of themselves to lead the sheep astray get a little extra in their stockings on xmas day

        You are dismayed by their foolish behavior.

        While I…. am amazed by their shameless but brilliant acting skills.

        They are so stupid that they make a million people believe them before you have lunch and make a million $$$ to deposit in the bank before you eat dinner.

        Congressional Ignorance: The ability to look uneducated while at the same time pocketing the hard earned money of all the educated people mocking them.



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