Finally, a step in the right direction! And from a Democrat?

I am announcing a pardon of all prior Federal offenses of simple possession of marijuana. I have directed the Attorney General to develop an administrative process for the issuance of certificates of pardon to eligible individuals. There are thousands of people who have prior Federal convictions for marijuana possession, who may be denied employment, housing, or educational opportunities as a result. My action will help relieve the collateral consequences arising from these convictions.Biden

It’s about damn time. I defy any liquor-swilling opponent to make their case against this long-overdue action.

I’m never happy to praise a Democrat, but of late….they’ve been the proponents of Civil Liberties.

14 thoughts on “Finally, a step in the right direction! And from a Democrat?

  1. While we are doing all this to help the poor victims whose crime was possession for pandering of a little mary jane, let us also develop programs to get their criminal records expunged and to offer them reparations for the ruined lives and years lost … say a couple of million dollars for each of them …and all the rehabilitative services they might need to start living normal lives again. I mean Biden is spending billions on everything else. Why not help these people out of their quandary with resources from the same assholes that got them into trouble in the first place. This comes as a little bit of an aha moment for me since the government and everybody else seems to be pushing marijuana as good and wonderful and alright these days and legalizing it all across the country. I am waiting for the day to come when some genius discovers that smoking pot will cause lung cancer and kill you just the same as tobacco. I wonder what will happen to all this repenting by the powers that be in that fateful day … a day which is sure to come.


    • What has been at stake here, is the Liberty of the Citizen. Reparations? You’ve got to be kidding me. Do you realize the precedent of ramifications or giving reparations for marijuana offenders? I’m 100% in favor of imbibing what you want in your own body……but this would speak to the larger set of crimes-that-are-no-longer-crimes. Do you have a realization of what that would end up costing you?

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      • As far as I am concerned, it would be just and would be no more expensive in the long run than the billions that Biden is wasting on Ukraine and on programs to drive up our energy prices by refusing to sell more drilling leases and by keeping us dependent on foreign oil when we are totally able to be energy independent on our own.


      • If somebody ruins my life, I want to be paid for it. It is justice. We waste money on so many other things. Time to spend some money where it counts most.


      • If a person gets imprisoned for smoking pot when they are young and they spend years in jail for their crime and later on the crime that was a crime is no longer a crime, then they are no l longer criminals and their records should be expunged and they should be compensated in some tangible manner for being treated like animals in the first place. It was not a poor decision to do something that so many others were doing and who are now being encouraged by the same government that once punished people for doing what the government is encouraging now — the poor decisions have been made by the government. If something was a crime before, it should still be a crime and if it is not and if nobody is going to go to jail for doing it anymore then those who suffered before need to be
        compensated and made whole. It is the government who is encouraging people to smoke pot, a known dangerously addictive substance, who are the criminals now …putting people’s lives in danger .. because pot smoke can and will cause deadly cancer just the same as tobacco ever did … the supreme court should forbid the legalization of this addictive and dangerous drug ….but they are not, so they too are culpable and should be held accountable. Pot is, after all, a gateway drug that leads to worse drugs. I believe someone in the government must think it is worthwhile to keep America sedated and I think the reason they want a sedated citizen base is so they can control the population more easily than when the people are able to think straight.


      • There’s a lot to unpack in that screed.

        It was not a poor decision to do something that so many others were doing…..

        That makes no sense whatsoever. If you took up smoking, was that not a poor decision? “Hey, everyone else was doing it!” Whether a personal decision is wise or not, has nothing to do with how many other people are doing the same. Unless you’re a lemming, I suppose.

        And where is the government “encouraging” the use of marijuana? I’m free to put alcohol in my body….does that mean the government is ‘encouraging it’?

        If something was a crime before, it should still be a crime…..

        Wow. Just wow. Shall we traipse back through the legal codes of yesteryear and see all of the laws that you’d apparently like to be restricted by today? Should sodomy still be a crime? How about those race codes? I have to admit…I’ve never encountered anyone who has proffered that theme before.

        I suppose there are those of us who believe that we, as individual Citizens, should have control over what we put in, and do with our bodies…….and those who believe that the government should dictate.


  2. Along with those certificates, I would also promote the idea of offering reparations to some of these unfortunate people whose lives have been ruined by their convictions for these petty little marijuana offenses … especially not, in the light of everyone seeking to legalizing the crap for common consumption. Reparations are in order and should be pursued.


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