3 thoughts on “Capitalism is Not What You Think

  1. The first thing that has to happen before ordering an investigation is “reasonable suspicion.” From there, you move to “likely suspects.” Subsequently, investigations unfold in an orderly fashion over time. Given what you’ve reported, we should perhaps take a look at the extraordinary number of millionaires in congress and the presidency (and the cabinet). Seems a bit (tongue in cheek) skewed to the filthy rich side of the ledger. I wonder if the combined weight of these factors matters … Hmmm.

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  2. It does seem to me that money, not the electorate, is the driving force behind US politics (and this is true of both sides of the equation, Democrats and Republicans alike). A friend of mine recently described the US not as a democracy, but as a plutocracy, and I for one am finding it hard to disagree with her.


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