So…..who won the war?

Maybe I’ve missed it, but this year I haven’t noticed the hours of cable news bloviating, endless tweets and posts, and general harrumphing from the seasonal Karens…..over other people’s choice of holiday salutations. Was there a cease-fire? Salvation Army peacekeepers enforcing no-greeting zones? Did both sides adopt an irregular warfare model, laying in wait to ambush soft targets with a short fusillade of dithyrambs?

More investigation from the front lines is required.

One issue that I will stand firm on, is that the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ is a deep state Trojan Horse, intended to groom our youth into accepting State surveillance even within our own homes. I will not be dissuaded from this theory.

I hope everybody had a fruitful Fetivus yesterday, and their list is now cleared for the new year…..and new grievances.

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