Of Cults and Memes

Another episode in WTF?

I apologize in advance for the forthcoming assault upon the eyes.

What is the deal with the sci-fi Trump memes? The farcical caricatures that portray Trump as anything but an obese, orange-tinted blowhard? I use the word ‘cult’ with regularity when speaking of the slack-jawed mouth-breathing idiots who buy into his every lie…..but it’s never quite as stark as when your gaze has to endure the ‘yuuuge’ number of memes depicting him as some sort of tough guy….or as a patriot *stifles laugh*. Though there are untold numbers of these to choose from (including Trump’s own NFTs that he weirdly rolled out), I’ll post only one…..out of respect for my dear reader; the most recent meme my eyes were accosted with.

Yikes. As if a convicted Trump would even be in an actual prison. He would only find himself in the ‘Club Fed’ facilities reserved for the moneyed, elite, protected class. You know……not you and I.

A more truthful representation might be like the meme below:

Double yikes.

But to put a bow on it…..the weird fascination with using actual time and effort in one’s life to construct such homoerotic, fantastical images.


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