“Hate America?”

What’s the point of this rhetoric? In every case, it’s used against people who want to change aspects or policies in this country. Isn’t that though…..ALL of us?

I most assuredly want this nation to become the Constitutional Republic that it was designed to be, with full sovereign rights for the Individual Citizen. But you may have a different opinion. We are no where near that paradigm today…..so do I “hate America”? Do you?

This is yet another rhetorical device that I don’t understand it’s employment. Nobody has the sight into another’s mind. So to employ a baseless emotional projection towards another, devalues the device……and the speaker. You’re not convincing anyone who doesn’t already believe as you do……so you’re really just engaging in an exercise to boost your sagging self esteem.

What’s the point?

So, somebody please tell me…..

What’s with the newfound fetishism on the Right……over monuments not just to traitors to this nation, but incompetent military figures to boot?

I’m having a hard time squaring this political correctness when there are so many more pressing matters facing what used to be our Republic.

Jo Jorgensen: A Bold Practical Vision for America’s Future

The 2020 Election is shaping up to be one of the most unique in American history. For the first time we have two confirmed sexual assaulters leading …

Jo Jorgensen: A Bold Practical Vision for America’s Future

Amen. Oh, I hear the stale refrain now……but the only “thrown away” vote is one for a candidate that doesn’t represent you, or for more of the same failed policies.

A Monumental Idea….for Monuments

From J.D. Tuccille at Reason:

We should celebrate our fandom on our own dime, and on our own property.

What all of these statues had in common is that they offended members of the public at a time when everything is up for grabs and Americans agree on exactly nothing, including the proper balance of virtues and flaws in fallible human beings. The majority of statues torn down were erected at taxpayers’ expense, maintained on land paid for with money extracted from everybody’s pockets, and offended (rightly or wrongly) people who resent being represented by them.

Less controversial has been the decision by the American Museum of Natural History to remove a statue of Teddy Roosevelt from its front entrance. While the statue is officially on public land, it clearly is intended as part of the museum and is seen as such. The museum is a private entity and is no longer comfortable with the way the statue represents the organizationa decision it has the right to make.

Much the same is true of the statue in Seattle of Vladimir Lenin, the communist dictator of the Soviet Union. While Lenin was a totalitarian and a thug, the statue is located (hilariously, given the subject’s militant socialism) on private property, leaving its fate in the hands of its owners.

And that, in an age in which there are few shared values or heroes, is the best way to deal with monuments. We no longer agreeif we ever didon which qualities should be celebrated and what failings should be overlooked. We’re increasingly vocal about such disagreements, to the point that people are willing to tear down statues that offend them, and any future images are bound to cause more offense.

A statue on private property, erected with funds only from supporters, dragoons no unwilling parties into the message it expresses. Nobody need feel that they’re being forced to share in the celebration of people or ideals they oppose. A private construction can be left up as long as it pleases the owners or pulled down at their whim. And anybody who damages or destroys the monument without permission is an obvious vandal, subject to appropriate punishment.

“Thank You Mister Trump!”

I should offer a trigger warning for the sensitive little snowflakes…but, nah….

Read the entirety at the link. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a while.

Papa Dickie is proud of little Donald.

After all, the president is delivering on everything that he promised!!!

The man is pwning people left and right. He’s instigating the kind of crackdown against minorities not seen in years. He’s making the media and all those Never Trump losers simultaneously sad and angry. We are witnessing the world’s greatest troll at the top of his game.

And that’s what the Forgotten Man has demanded from the start.

Seriously. Just look at what President Trump accomplished in the past week:

As the nation slowly unraveled over the death of George Floyd, the president quit caring about the Invisible Enemy and dedicated himself to taking on the real Enemies of the People: The media. And the Democrats.

Two days after Floyd’s death he fired off a tweet that was trademark Trump, the rascal. Brit Hume mockingly shared a snapshot of Joe Biden wearing a mask to a Memorial Day service and Trump deadpanned “I think he looks better.” BAM. I might’ve gone with the joke comparing Biden to antifa for timeliness. But overall? Pretty good; 8 out of 10.

But the Cassius Clay of trolls was just warming up. First he tossed out a token tweet about Floyd’s death being tragic to appease the normies. Then he Let. It. Rip.

Notice the subtlety of these Trump tweets amidst a nationwide uproar over racist violence spurred by an innocent man being murdered by police officers, while telling them he couldn’t breathe.

  • The first black president committed the greatest crime in USA history!
  • The first black president should be in jail, according to a random tweet from 2019 that Trump unearthed
  • Wearing masks during a pandemic is similar to SLAVERY. (Just one man’s viewpoint!)
  • He unearthed another random tweet, this one from 2016, where a black woman says she won’t be a SLAVE to Democrats.
  • The Michigan governor won’t let people BREATH! [sic]

This is next level stuff. Only the groypers and guys with Pepe the Frog avatars could detect the subtle white power vibe he’s got going on.

Remainder of the piece at The Bulwark

Trump Insults the Armed Forces…..again

In our interview Friday, Trump initially said of Esper and Milley, “I don’t think they broke with me” and “I think they should do what they want to do.”

  • But the president soon pivoted to say, “I would have handled it differently.”
  • He said he understood that their responses appeared to be prompted by their desire to adhere to “exact, strict” regulations, but that “if I were in their position I would have done it somewhat differently.”
  • “Under regulation, perhaps they’re right,” Trump said, but claimed, “I know the regulation even better than they do.”
  • “But they also would have been right to say, ‘We’re proud to walk alongside our president and we want our president to be safe.'”

No…..just no. The JCS and SecDef were not part of the entourage for Trump’s “safety” (real or perceived). That’s why we have the Secret Service and Capital Police, both of whom were there in force.

And Trump “knows the regulation even better than both men?” Ah, shades of his campaign idiocy, that “he knows more than the Generals do”.

He thinks your stupid. He thinks the military is stupid; but you should love him anyway, because he’s the most bestest, greatestess person who has ever walked the earth, right?

Perhaps he can dry humps the flag again at his cult of personality rally in Tulsa later today. That will keep the slacked-jawed mouth-breathers in line…….

Food for Thought……

Mayor Ben Rozier posted a long line of text addressing “privilege,” riddled with blatant jabs towards Americans who receive government assistance, especially Black Americans.

“Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you’ve never had a job.

“Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance…

“Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and be able to send them off to daycare or school you don’t pay for…paid for by the people who DO HAVE TO DEAL WITH RISING TAXES AND COSTS! … you know, us so called ‘PRIVILEGED’ the ones who pay while you TAKE TAKE TAKE!′ ” the post read in part.


Stuff to think about, that doesn’t follow the approved narrative.