I’ve said it before: Do the honorable thing

Lt. Mariano Pargas of the Uvalde Police Department has resigned from his position, days before he was likely to be dismissed at a ‘special meeting’ of the city’s council.

Pargas, 65, was the commanding officer on the scene when 19 children and two teachers were shot dead by crazed gunman Salvador Ramos on May 24 at Robb Elementary School.

The resignation comes days after CNN published damning audio and video that showed the officer failing to act and properly relay information about the unfolding attack.

The dispatcher told Pargas that there were eight or nine students still alive inside of the classroom. He asked the dispatcher: ‘This calls you got in from the… from one of the students, what did they say?’ She answers: ‘Ok, Khloie’s going to be, it’s Khloie. She’s in Room 112, Mariano, 112.’

The dispatcher goes on to tell Pargas: ‘Eight to nine are still alive. She’s not too sure… She’s not too sure how many are actually DOA or possibly injured. We’re trying.’ He replies: ‘Ok, ok thanks’ and then hangs up.

A minute later, Pargas is shown relaying the information he obtained to a Border Patrol agent inside of a Robb Elementary School hallway. However, when Pargas goes outside to talk with a Texas Ranger outside of the school, he didn’t mention the 911 call.

McLaughlin said: ‘I think if we’d have had this, all this, and I think if we would have had your video and what we saw and everything we saw last night, I think Mariano would have been gone sooner, in my opinion, would have been gone.’

The sorry excuses for Law Enforcement Officers making the (in)decisions at Uvalde, should be locked in a room with their service weapon and 1x round. They don’t deserve to be upright and breathing.

Just a Thought, for an On-the-Side Project

Being a practitioner of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), I’ve wondered for awhile…..if one were to examine the military background of the ‘Vet Bro’ attired members of groups such as the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and lesser “3 Percenters”.

And by attired, I’m referring to tactical kit (or Airsoft….it’s sometimes difficult to determine via photo/video).

I’m guessing, that the number of bearded, inked and ‘fearsome-adjacent’ dudes who never saw any combat, or were a bystander as so many ‘fobbit’s were…..are larger than the meat-eating predators of the Combat Arms, or the Quiet Professionals in higher Tier units.

Just wondering aloud, how many poseurs there really are at the events where it seems not-entirely-appropriate to be kitted up.

These buffoons generally have no concept of the Gray Man.

I’ll weigh if my ‘day job’ allows me time for this extra-curricular homework.

Oh Dear me……the Vapors!!

After years of dear leader calling his political opponents Marxists, Communists, losers, ‘enemies of the people’….accusing his political opponents of ‘destroying/seeking to destroy the nation’ and or treason. Among an entire library of other slurs.

After years of that of endorsing, encouraging and applauding all of that (and more)…….the cult has finally discovered gravitas. After years of cheering, reposting and general screaming all of that (and more)……the snowflakes have run for the fainting couch.

I’m not sure which pejorative is more appropriate – dime store hypocrites……or pissy little bitches.

…..and this is the “fuck Joe Biden” crowd…..

Government Theft. Again. But I’m being Redundant.

Where in the Constitution, does the power reside, for the Federal government to quite literally take money from my pocket…..and place it directly into the pocket of another?

The Biden Administration has decided that it has the power to reduce the debt owed by people who took out college loans, of their own choosing.

I am paying for 2 college tuitions at the expense of my retirement savings, and now I get to help pay for someone else’s tuition? I would still oppose, but not as vociferously…..were this only applicable to STEM degrees…..but we all know that I’ll be helping to finance someone’s ‘womyns studies’ or Art History degrees.

Not cool.

I’m Disappointed…..Where Are They?

Since the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago a couple of days ago (well really, long before then), the predictable rhetoric from the Cult has been that of “WAR!” and “BATTLE” and “FIGHT” and “ENEMIES!”. Usually from soft, clammy-handed snowflakes who nothing of those terms.

Well….if you believe yourself to be “at war”. Why aren’t you doing anything about it? Are you a coward? A pussy? A cuck? You should be taking up arms against those enemies, no?

I was so waiting for the dispersed members of Meal Team 6, to shoehorn themselves into their airsoft gear, grab their Made-in-China Cult flags, come out of their Mother’s basements and start LARP-ing down Main Streets across the nation….playing pretend-patriot and warbling bumper-sticker slogans in praise of dear leader.

At the least, hilariously wild entertainment….and at most (should they find their un-dropped balls), slow-moving target practice.

Citrus Caesar is Finally Paying the Price

For attempting to subvert the rule of law and a lawful election.

Raid is a bit of a loaded term given that Secret Service personnel assigned to MAL escorted FBI agents through the premises in a peaceful and orderly manner.

Aside from the violations of the Presidential Records Act….which <i>my</i> home would have been searched, and myself incarcerated were I to do the same….I think that there’s much much more to the warrant (which the Trump legal team could divulge at any time).

For this level of search warrant, assuredly signed off by the US Attorney General, there is undoubtedly evidence of potential crimes of a national security flavor.

But by all means….I invite the cultists to don their best airsoft gear and start LARP-ing around around in order to start ‘civil war 2.0’. I need the target practice.

Required Viewing for EVERY Member of Congress

If I had my way of course.

Powerful and needed words from an actual supporter of Veterans….unlike the posers and imposters with their window stickers and their lapel pins.

I implore VSO’s to turn this into a television commercial and buy up as much air times as they can. I’ll donate as much as possible, if they do.

Perhaps it’s time for Bonus Army 2.0. I’ll bet you the ‘eviction operation’ has a far, far different outcome this time around……