Abortion Hypocrisy

By a nearly four-to-one margin, Idaho Republicans at the state party’s convention in Twin Falls rejected an amendment to the party platform on Saturday that would have provided an exception for a mother who has an abortion to safe her life.

Herndon argued the exception should not be included because over the past nearly 50 years since the U.S. Supreme Court made the original Roe v. Wade ruling, exceptions made in the law eroded progress for the anti-abortion movement. Link

So……these geniuses want to criminalize an abortion where the life of the mother is at stake. An act that, because the mother may die, may also result in the death of the unborn child. Not very ‘pro-life’

It was bad enough that they wanted to force [usually young] women to carry the child of rape or incest…they’re now doubling down.

And Idaho isn’t the only state where the radical extremists are making such moves.

Accomplices to Murder

“Surveillance footage shows that police never tried to open a door to two classrooms at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde in the 77 minutes between the time a gunman entered the rooms and massacred 21 people and officers finally stormed in and killed him, according to a law enforcement source close to the investigation.”

Shooting unarmed black men and dogs wasn’t bad enough apparently, the Uvalde PD decided to stand outside the classroom where schoolchildren were murdered just inside.

The ‘thin blue line’ was standing along the hallway…….a line of yellow cowards.

A certain individual who I will not name, should take the honorable way out.

And it appears that the PD has hired outside counsel to fight against the release of bodycam footage. Cool.

Saying the quiet parts out loud

“I was thinking the other day about, somebody had mentioned on the radio, Adolf Hitler and how he aroused the crowds. And he would get up there screaming these epithets and these people were just—they were hypnotized by him. That’s, I guess, I guess that’s the kind of leader we need today. We need somebody inspirational. We need somebody that is a doer, has been there and done it, so that it’s not a strange new world to him.” – Carl Paladino, R-NY (just endorsed by Rep. Elise Stefanik, Republican Conference Chair)

Cool. Super classy……

Dusting off a previous rebuttal…..

I’ve written several times over the years, about the illogical restrictions on our Constitutional and Civil Right, pushed by both major political parties; gun control being the campaign du jour of the Left.

“Universal Background Checks” are again being touted as legislation designed to curb shootings…mass or otherwise.

So, allow me to dust off a post from early 2018, that makes the same point I would makes today:

One of the proposals currently being considered, by the Right and the Left….is the notion of “Universal Background Checks” [UBC]. One of the misconceptions used in this argument, is that there is some sort of loophole in the law, often referred to by the ignorant, as a “gun show loophole”. There is nothing of the sort. People attending gun shows wishing to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer, undergoes the same NICS process as they would a gun show. Those wishing to conduct a purchase from another private citizen selling at the show, does so without NICS, just as they would were they to conduct a transaction with their neighbor.

When we propose legislation, we require an enforcement mechanism. In other words, if you fail to abide in accordance with the law, there is a consequence. With UBCs however, there is no enforcement mechanism, because the State has no means to be apprised if a Citizen has violated the law.

For example, if UBC is statute law, and I sell my firearm to my neighbor without taking him/her to an FFL dealer…..how does the State know? If my neighbor proceeds to use said purchased firearm in the commission of a crime, and is apprehended……unless he/she confesses to the lawful transaction…..how does the State know that the law was violated.

The obvious answer is, that without a mandatory registration of ALL firearms, there is no enforcement mechanism for UBCs.

If you think there is righteous pushback on UBC…..wait until the gun control cabal tries to proffer registration…..

Is the Zombie Apocalypse Finally Nigh?

LTG Michael Flynn (Ret), disgraced DIA Director, paid Turkish agent and bestie with several questionable Russian intelligence agents, has apparently declared that 5G technology would somehow unleash something in the COVID vaccines that will turn people into Zombies.

Yep…..the guy who previously claimed that COVID vaccines were in salad dressings, and who swore allegiance [on video] to Qanon, which he later tried to walk back….is heralding the Zombie Apocalypse!

I’ve waiting my entire movie-viewing life for this day to come!

So apparently, as he laid out on Clay Clark’s “ReAwaken America Tour” show [whatever hot mess that is], he claims:

Vaccines contain inactive “lipid nanoparticles” embedded with deadly “chimeric pathogens” which were genetically programmed to animate when properly triggered.

The germs supposedly lying dormant include E. Coli, Ebola, Marburg – a highly fatal viral hemorrhagic fever, and brewers yeast – an ingredient added to ferment beer and bake bread.

The “pathogens” will be activated when 5G towers thrice broadcast an 18 gigahertz signal for one minute.

The specified frequency subsequently causes “1P36 gene deletion,” turning vaccine recipients into zombies.

But wait Mike…..since I’ve been absolutely itching to kill Zombies ever since I saw [the original] Dawn of the Dead – and I’m fully vaccinated…..what happens to me? Do I become a self-loathing anti-Zombie Zombie? Or since JFK Jr is apparently the VP to a still President Trump….can he save us? JFK Jr apparently cam back from the dead…..in Q-world at least.

Who knew that so many years after hearing my Brothers and Sisters at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) complain bitterly at the toxic leadership exhibited by this buffoon, he’d not only end up in the orbit of another monumental buffoon…..but claim to be the herald of the no-shit Zombie Apocalypse?

MTG Says: Joining the Military = “throwing your life away”

Noted Veteran and military expert…oh wait. Noted bombastic oxygen thief, snowflake and generic idiot Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Lou Dobb’s podcast [because, of course] and mewled:

Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has said joining the military is like “throwing your life away” due to President Joe Biden‘s foreign policies.

Speaking to former Fox News host Lou Dobbs‘ podcast on April 9, Greene listed other reasons why people should not join the military, including the vaccine mandate and “woke” training.

Greene made the remarks after Dobbs questioned the “quality of people” that are in the Defense Department in Biden’s administration and suggested that the military was struggling to attract new recruits because people have “seen the way they’re treated.”Newsweek

The remainder of the article has similar indefensible tripe. I didn’t even include her reference to ‘satanic‘. There is much wrong with this nation currently, and her type among the reasons.

Much like “back the blue” was shown to be lie on January 6th 2021, the Right generally has as little regard as the Left, for the Armed Forces of this nation. They both instead, use the institution, and those who serve their country, as convenient props.

Trifecta of Gun Control Lies

From POTUS’s speech yesterday, on his second nominee for chief gun controller, as well as his tirade against “ghost guns”!!!!!

Three verified [and sadly predictable] lies, captured and rebutted by Spencer Brown at Town Hall.

1. “You couldn’t buy a cannon…”

2. “Gun manufacturers have more immunity…”

3. “I got it done once—ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines…”

Weapons Grade Stupidity

Today’s award goes to Eric Trump. Not someone I would normally have the time of day for, excepting his monumentally absurd statement below. Eric of course, being widely viewed as the least intellectually literate spawn of his father, our very own fanboy of authoritarians and murderous tyrants.

There has been an empty and absurd narrative in certain sectors of the political spectrum, that the Obama Administration only gave Ukraine “blankets” when it disbursed military, economic aid and security assistance training to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, State Border Guard Service, and National Guard. To be fair, John McCain may have been the first to coin this nonsense, but he’s allegedly a “RINO” or some such absurdity, I’m not sure he counts, right??

Of course, while there may indeed have been blankets in the mix, our tax dollars at that time went to heavy engineering equipment, body armor, advanced radios, patrol boats, UAVs, up-armored HMMWV’s, counter-mortar radars, night vision devices and medical supplies……yet “blankets” is the rallying cry of the simps. All of the above, I would add…..was provided without strings to dig up political dirt on anyone’s opponent here in the U.S.

Fast forward to yesterday….after the Biden Administration has provided [among other items] Stinger antiaircraft missiles and Javelin Antiarmor missiles [as did the Trump Administration with Javelins], Eric Trump takes to Fox News and utters “By the way, my father had a great relationship with Putin [of course he did]. All the while, he’s sending thousands of javelin missiles to Ukraine. Isn’t that really amazing? I mean, Biden has no relationship with Putin and he’s literally sending blankets to Ukraine.”

Yes, a sock puppet for the Putin Wing of the GOP literally used the word literally to float the narrative that the current Administration is sending “blankets” to Ukraine. I suppose they either thought they were so clever the first go around, they’d try it on again for size….or they’ve just run out of intellectually inferior rhetoric to use in a public debate that they’re so clearly on the wrong side of.

So, this all goes back to my rock solid assessment of our elite political class….either they’re stupid – or they think you’re stupid.