Apparently, I’m a Domestic Terrorist. Sweet!

Earlier this year, the anti-Civil Rights group “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” issued a press release in support of Terry McAuliffe’s run [again] for Governor of my adopted state of Virginia.

In this now deleted release [the internet is forever geniuses], they rail against the GOP challenger [who doesn’t really seem to stand for anything, based on his TV ads] by stating:

“His willingness to say anything for a vote is deeply troubling, as we’ve already seen him cozying up to those with deep ties to those at the forefront of the insurrectionist movement, like Senator Amanda Chase and the domestic terror organization, the Virginia Citizens Defense League.”

As a member in good standing of said Virginia Citizen’s Defense League, apparently that makes me a domestic terrorist. Knowing the source, I guess I’ll wear that label with some amount of pride.

Honestly, I’m more upset at being implicated in the same sentence as batshit crazy Amanda Chase.

The Military is Props to this POTUS

Using both the White House and the US military as props for a campaign rally (not to mention campaign speeches to troops in a combat theater) is totally cool now.

I expect zero response from the right wing when a President Biden does the same. (No, I don’t expect that from him, but it would be warranted by precedent)

Veterans and serving military are nothing more than ornaments to those who crave power but have never served their country.


Biden’s Achilles Heel

Joe has a problem……and integrity problem (this of course, on top of his unconstitutional gun control fever dreams). This problem could cost him what is shaping up to be, his election to lose.

He won’t, can’t, refuses to – answer the very reasonable question of: will you, or do you support “packing” the Supreme Court?

At least his opponent takes the road expected of all politicians, but himself especially……and just lies.

But Biden (and Harris) think you’re stupid, and won’t notice that they respond to this question by starting to agree to answer……but the deflect, devolve and distract.

Perhaps the American voter IS this stupid…….after all, we got 8 years of Obama and at least 4 years of Trump; but it could actually be his undoing.

We’ll see in a couple of weeks……