Is it time for UW in Ukraine?

An article in WorldCrunch posits that it’s time now for Ukraine to engage in Unconventional Warfare (UW), otherwise commonly known as ‘Guerrilla Warfare’:

Moscow’s major offensive has begun in Donbas. The Russian military machine now appears ready to waltz mercilessly over eastern Ukraine, bringing death and terror.

Can the horror of the images that have been spread for weeks be surpassed? We have to assume so with an army like Russia’s, which has made wanton murder and cruelty its trademarks.

Let there be no illusion: Ukraine will not win this war. Moscow’s military power is overwhelming — no matter how clumsily its invasion was planned. Even if Germany were to supply all the weapons it possesses to Kyiv, the Ukrainian army would not be able to defeat the Russians.

At least not in the sense in which European kingdoms defeated one another in the past, imposing humiliations and cessions of territory on the defeated, or at least demanding reparations for the endless suffering and damage the defeated unilaterally inflicted on them.

None of this is possible against the nuclear power of Moscow with its formidable conventional firepower as well.

The Vietnamese showed how it was done against the Americans, and before them the Algerians in the war against France. Both followed the fundamental lessons of guerrilla warfare.

One of those lessons is: know when to fight and when not to. A second: stubbornly dodge every decision as long as the enemy remains stronger, and accept no decision as final until a counterattack is successfully won. A third: appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak.

This strategy has the confusing property that the seemingly weaker side always wins and the apparent superiority turns out to be powerlessness; to the repeated dismay and embarrassment of the conventionally trained military and military policy experts.

The author says the time is now. I disagree. Kyiv has shown that it can go toe-to-toe with Russian Battlegroups in certain situations, and win. The attack on the Moskva wasn’t an act of UW, but a conventional missile strike (albeit with the added flair of using a UAV to feint against the ship).

I offer that the contested Donbas Region is the right environment for Hybrid Warfare…….employing conventional attacks to fix Russian forces, while conducting asymmetric operations deep in their rear…..and the use of information operations amongst the divided Donbas populace.

Ukraine certainly won’t ‘win’ this fight, in the conventional sense….but it can inflict enough pain on RUSFOR that they feel no sense of victory either.

The Flying Tigers: A Solution to Ukraine’s Air Problem?

Since it seems that there are never-ending roadblocks to providing Russian model fighter and close air support aircraft, from NATO countries, to Ukraine…..USNI Proceedings has a really interesting article regarding resurrect the American Volunteer Group [The Flying Tigers of Claire Chennault fame], in the skies over Ukraine. I’m a ground guy, so I may be missing something in the technical aspects, but overall……lacking the issuance of formal Letters of Marque and reprisal….I rather like this idea. In-depth article, so snips only below:

On 20 December 1941, just days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the first American pilots tangled with Japanese bombers over the skies of Kunming, China. Under the leadership of then-Colonel Claire Chennault and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, three squadrons of flyers and maintainers served in the American Volunteer Group (AVG) as a mercenary component of the Chinese Air Force. The famed “Flying Tigers,” originally comprising 100 P-40 Warhawks and 100 pilots, flew combat missions against the Japanese invasion forces in China and Burma from late 1941 to mid-1942 and are credited with 296 enemy aircraft destroyed in slightly more than six months of combat.

With the Russian invasion in Ukraine consolidating and regrouping in Ukraine’s east, the time has come to resurrect this hallowed unit, rebuilt for the modern age. In the weeks since the invasion began on 24 February, the United States and NATO have steadily increased their response from economic sanctions and other deterrence-oriented measures to lend-lease supply of arms to Ukrainian forces, particularly antitank weapons. The defenders have summoned a stiff and willful resistance, and the Russian assault—plagued by logistical and doctrinal shortcomings—stalled significantly in its first month. But it is not unreasonable to question how long the world’s 23rd-largest military force can feasibly hold off the predations of the 5th largest or to wonder how hard a floundering Vladimir Putin might push to save face by securing victory—perhaps with chemical, biological, or even nuclear weapons.

If Russia’s withdrawal from the northern theater proves to be a feint followed by a greater reattack, the AVG should primarily focus its efforts on this region. If the areas surrounding Kyiv and Kharkiv remain clear of invasion forces, then the AVG should support the Ukrainian war effort in Donbas.

If the Russo-Ukrainian War were to spill beyond its current borders and draw outside powers into direct conflict, the United States would benefit from having an established foothold in the region. The AVG could be absorbed into the U.S. Air Force, as was its forebear in 1942 with the Army Air Forces. Seasoned aviators would be an invaluable resource as advisors to brief and train new personnel entering the theater or even to lead squadrons in the horrifying combat that would surely follow this worst-case scenario.

MTG Says: Joining the Military = “throwing your life away”

Noted Veteran and military expert…oh wait. Noted bombastic oxygen thief, snowflake and generic idiot Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Lou Dobb’s podcast [because, of course] and mewled:

Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has said joining the military is like “throwing your life away” due to President Joe Biden‘s foreign policies.

Speaking to former Fox News host Lou Dobbs‘ podcast on April 9, Greene listed other reasons why people should not join the military, including the vaccine mandate and “woke” training.

Greene made the remarks after Dobbs questioned the “quality of people” that are in the Defense Department in Biden’s administration and suggested that the military was struggling to attract new recruits because people have “seen the way they’re treated.”Newsweek

The remainder of the article has similar indefensible tripe. I didn’t even include her reference to ‘satanic‘. There is much wrong with this nation currently, and her type among the reasons.

Much like “back the blue” was shown to be lie on January 6th 2021, the Right generally has as little regard as the Left, for the Armed Forces of this nation. They both instead, use the institution, and those who serve their country, as convenient props.

No Mama, No Papa, No Uncle Sam

The Bataan Death March began on April 10, 1942, when the Japanese assembled about 78,000 prisoners (12,000 U.S. and 66,000 Filipino). They began marching up the east coast of Bataan. Although they didn’t know it, their destination was Camp O’Donnell, north of the peninsula.

The men, already desperately weakened by hunger and disease, suffered unspeakably during the March. Regardless of their condition, POWs who could not continue or keep up with the pace were summarily executed. Even stopping to relieve oneself could bring death, so many chose to continue walking while relieving themselves.

Some of the guards made a sport of hurting or killing the POWs. The Marchers were beaten with rifle butts, shot or bayoneted without reason. Most of the POWs got rid of their helmets because some by Japanese soldiers on passing trucks hit them with rifle butts. Some enemy soldiers savagely toyed with POWs by dragging them behind trucks with a rope around the neck. Japanese guards also gave the POWs the “sun treatment” by making them sit in the sweltering heat of the direct sun for hours at a time without shade.

The Death Marchers received almost no water or food, further weakening their fragile bodies. Most POWs only received a total of a few cups of rice, and little or no water. Sympathetic Filipinos alongside the road tried to give POWs food and water, but if a guard saw it, the POW and the Filipino helper could be beaten or killed. Some POWs had the water in their canteens poured out onto the road or taken by the Japanese just to be cruel. Although thirst began to drive some of the men mad, if a POW broke ranks to drink stagnant, muddy water at the side of the road, he would be bayoneted or shot. Groups of POWs were often deliberately stopped in front of the many artesian wells. These wells poured out clean water, but the POWs were not allowed to drink it. Some were killed just because they asked for water. The POWs marched roughly 65 miles over the course of about six days until they reached San Fernando. There, groups as large as 115 men were forced into boxcars designed to hold only 30-40 men. Boxcars were so full that the POWs could not sit down. This caused more to die of heat exhaustion and suffocation in the cars on the ride from San Fernando to Capas. The POWs then walked seven more miles to Camp O’Donnell. At the entrance to the camp, the POWs were told to lay out the few possessions they still had; any POW found with any Japanese-made items or money was executed on the spot.

That was 80 years ago. No Death March survivors are still with us, sadly.

The Army ROTC Department at New Mexico State University began sponsoring the Bataan Memorial Death March in 1989. The memorial march was to mark a page in history that included many native sons and affected many families in the state. In 1992, White Sands Missile Range and the New Mexico National Guard joined in the sponsorship and the event was moved to the White Sands Missile Range.

The full event is 26.2 miles in length.

In 2002, I was fortunate enough to take a team from Ft. Lewis to compete in the Military Heavy category, and a survivor was at the finish line to shake the hand and give a coin to each finisher. A truly humbling experience.

This year, due to real world events support, the entire event was virtual, with participants tracking their race via an app….which worked out surprisingly well. Mrs. CI and myself competed in the 26.2 miler yesterday and did remarkably well……though there’s no shortage of muscular agony this morning.

All it takes is remembering what the actual Death March participants endured…to soften that pain a bit. I finished the day with a Glenfiddich 18….those Battling Bastards of Bataan, got a handful of rice, if they were lucky.

Raise a wee dram in their memory.

Russian Propaganda Update

From Miburo: In the days and weeks following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia has lost its long-held advantage in information warfare. Tipped off by multiple efforts by governments “pre-bunking” Russian campaigns, Western audiences were mostly able to see through Russia’s firehose of falsehoods. Instead of moving under the cover of Western confusion, Russia met global condemnation and unprecedented economic sanction. 

In the retaliation against Russian state-funded media such as RT and Sputnik in the United States and Europe, Russia has lost its most effective and wide-reaching propaganda tools. The firehose has been disrupted—for now. 

As Russia’s hopes for a quick and decisive military victory evaporate in the face of stiff Ukrainian resistance, Moscow has shifted its tactics in the information space. In our examination of Russian narratives in the first 24 hours of the invasion, we identified four distinct target audiences whom the Kremlin targeted with tailored narratives: 

  1. The domestic Russian audience;
  2. Audiences inside Ukraine;
  3. Audiences in former Soviet republics; and 
  4. Audiences in Western Europe and the U.S.
More at Miburo

New Army Installation Names – Candidates

The Congressional Naming Commission has released their list of 87 candidate names, to replace the Army Installations [Posts], currently honoring Confederate Generals. It’s long overdue, to rename honorable installations from ineffective and often extremely racist Confederates….to instead honor Americans who have actually performed courageously under fire and many who have given the last full measure.

The full list is here

My top choice is Alwyn Cashe. I would also strike any Flag Officer from the list. It’s time to recognize those who really are the ‘unsung hero’s’. Though, this seems to be a rather contentious issue.

What are your thoughts?