A Military Parade??

Reports are surfacing of POTUS directing the DoD to plan for a military parade later this year, allegedly inspired perhaps by Bastille Day celebrations.

When our Veterans Administration is underfunded and so many other economic issues to be paid for, what is the value added to yet again, adulate the military? Beyond the commercial benefits and discounts, Veterans and Independence Day extravaganza’s, hiring preferences and other State recognition of service, and the politically correct displays at nearly every sporting event….what is the value added of conducting this set of garish display?

It’s a politically correct appeal to emotion, directed by a man who likewise displays his authoritarian bent at every turn.

Let’s hope saner minds in the DoD can dissuade desires for this type of event.


Misguided Memo’s

The cable news and political party’s(not to be redundant) are all abuzz over the Nunes memo, and how each side can use this political prop to is selfish advantage……..while ignoring the more important aspect, that Congress and the Administration have renewed and expanded the authorities to conduct the very activities that they’re posturing over.

Once again, the American people lose.

I’ve often wondered…….

What those who call themselves Conservatives who think of a Democrat POTUS saying ANYTHING resembling the following: “I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department”.

I’m still wondering, since the current Republican POTUS uttered those words…and we have crickets from the Right. Nothing. Nada.

This is why I’ve always maintained that there’s a wide chasm between Republicans and Conservatives. And most people who think they’re Conservatives…………..aren’t.

Postscript: After saying he was “getting back to work”……..Trump spent 4 consecutive days …..golfing. I wonder what the simpering sycophants on the right wold have said, had Obama pulled the same stunt.

Piece of shit hypocrites.

Every. One. Of. Them.


The Phony “war on Christmas”….Again

Much like the Festivus “Airing of Grievances”, each December should also host the “Airing of Facts”.

“Christ’s Mass” is not the only religious holiday in December….not even the only Judeo-Christian holiday.

Private enterprise should be honored for charting their own path when it regards holiday seasons….is it not celebrated in other cases? Baking of cakes, arranging of flowers, etc…?

Saying “Happy Holidays” is not anti-Christmas.

Those who get their granny panties in a bunch upon hearing “Happy Holidays” are butt hurt that their personal faith is not being elevated and institutionalized at every level, both public and private.

Not hearing “Merry Christmas” from a complete stranger, whose job it is to compel you to spend money in a crass, commercial bastardization of your Holy Day….says more about your emotional insecurities and the depth of your faith, than you realize.

Obama said “Merry Christmas” more than you can admit to yourself.

The institutionalism of your personal faith is also “political correctness”.

Nobody has ever stopped you from saying “Merry Christmas”….but that isn’t stopping the sycophantic group “America First Policies” from airing a television ad “thanking President Trump” for in part, “letting us say Merry Christmas again”. I couldn’t finish typing that sentence without laughing.

– And for extra credit, you are free to pray in school anytime you desire…claims to the contrary, also being “politically correct”.

Merry Christmas!

And his supporters won’t even care….

Anyone who isn’t terrified of a POTUS…any POTUS, saying this……

“Let me tell you, the one that matters is me, I’m the only one that matters because when it comes to it that’s what the policy is going to be.”


“But you know the saddest thing, because I’m the President of the United States I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department. I am not supposed to be involved with the FBI. I’m not supposed to be doing the kinds of things that I would love to be doing. And I’m very frustrated by it.”

…isn’t an American Patriot.

Is Trump ultimately harming Christianity?

Conservative Christian Rod Dreher [who’s written extensively about the “Benedict Option”] opines in the NYT:

Is there anything Donald Trump can do to alienate evangelicals and other conservative Christians who support him? By now, it’s hard to think of what that might be. These are people who would never let men with the morals and the mouths of Mr. Trump and Mr. Scaramucci date their own daughters. And yet, Team Trump has no more slavishly loyal constituency.

This is not only wrong, but tragically so. The most pressing problem Christianity faces is not in politics. It’s in parishes. It’s with the pastors. Most of all, it’s among an increasingly faithless people.

The truth is, Christianity is declining in the United States. As a theologically conservative believer, I take no pleasure in saying that. In fact, the waning of Christianity will be not only a catastrophe for the church but also a calamity for civil society in ways secular Americans do not appreciate.

Is Dreher correct? Though Trump garnered Evangelical support, does his Administration bode well for Christian dominion [no pun intended] over the religious landscape of America?



Deja Vu

During the previous Administration, we saw the Democrat base act as a legion of strident apologists, regardless of Obama and companies’ complicity in actions immoral, unethical and/or unConstituional. We also had a political opposition who invented no end of absurd conspiracies about POTUS’s background, ideology and “true” intentions. (Muslim Kenyan Marxist etc….)

Now, in the current Administration, we have much the same……with one glaring difference: blatant hypocrisy and sycophancy. We’re witnessing an emotionally fellating devotion to one man……..just as was claimed, the Left had found their political messiah…..the “One”, as it was alleged. Shrugging off of national security threats and maligning acts of integrity, in favour of protection of the cult of personality. As much as I have principled reasons for leaving the GOP and moving wholly to the LP…….I don’t think I ever envisioned the Right acting like such…….Leftists.

To be sure, there are wild eyed fantasies of Trump ushering in a regime of Fascism and oppression – fomenting the laughable Leftist movements to “resist”…..
While this behaviour is expected of the Left…..where went the responsibility and accountability on the Right? Was it ever there? If so, will they ever regain it……or are we destined simply to have two sad clowns in this political theatre?

On Charlie Gard

This is what happens when we allow the CITIZEN to be related to a caste lower than the State. I have almost no words for how tyrannical this is.

I had to get my thoughts together to try and figure out the best way to write about this tragic little boy, who was sentenced to die by the European Court of Human rights. The court ruled that Charlie, who was born with a rare genetic condition called infantile onset encephalomyopathic mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, will be allowed to “die with dignity” regardless of the wishes of his parents, who wanted to take him to the United States for one last attempt to save him with a highly experimental therapy.

His care, their trip over to the United States, and the experimental therapy would have cost British taxpayers nothing. So why did this court assert its authority over this family?

There’s a larger issue here than Charlie’s life. It’s about parental rights. It’s about a group of black-robed jerks wielding their authority over parents. It’s about a court preventing parents from doing everything possible to save their child.

Let’s put the issue of the sanctity of life aside for a moment. Let’s set aside the court’s lack of respect for the life of a little boy. Let’s put aside the fact that this court literally decided to force these parents to stand by and do nothing while their child is killed.

What bothers me is this court’s “authority” to sentence this child to die despite the wishes of his parents.

What bothers me is the hospital’s claim that it somehow has the authority to prevent Charlie’s parents from taking him not just to the United States for one last shot at life, but home to die.

How can a hospital claim that right, and how can a court that claims to be a court of justice affirm it?

This decision literally have the state greater authority over the life of a child than his parents.

This decision took away the right of Chris Gard and Connie Yates to act in their son’s best interest and to fight for his life.

Source: On Charlie Gard

Please read the rest at The Liberty Zone……

Cavuto on Trump

Refreshing honesty from the GOPs favorite media outlet.

“Mr. President, it’s not the fake news media that’s your problem, it’s you. It’s not just your tweeting, it’s your scapegoating, it’s your refusal to see that sometimes you’re the one who’s feeding your own beast.”

“They didn’t tweet disparaging comments about a London mayor in the middle of a murder spree. You did. They didn’t create that needless distraction. You did. They didn’t get you off your very valid and very promising agenda. You did. They didn’t turn on a travel ban that you signed. You did.” – Neil Cavuto, 6 June 2017

How I Lost at Patriotism – And How We All Lose

Still feeling mixed feelings after another Memorial Day. Feelings about my own service, the loss of Brothers; the direction of our Republic and the fractious society within. Posting snippets of an article from The Angry Staff Officer:

Back again to the soft May sun of the Ohio day. The birds chirp in the background and now the veteran’s voice is rising, in strident tones, and I am shifting uncomfortably in my seat because his talk smacks of nationalism and jingoism. But the audience loves it. They love being told that there is a divide between true patriots and the rest of the country. They love hearing that this is the greatest nation in the world that can do no wrong. They love being able to heap admiration and praise onto the 1% of those who’ve served without having to take the time to deeply analyze why those young men were bleeding in Vietnam in the first place. Because this version is simple. Because this definition of patriotism is black and white, or, I suppose, red, white, and blue. They know where the lines are, and they can say that they support the true patriots.

It is a very seductive way of thinking, as I know, since I once viewed service and conflict along those same lines.

Patriotism and love of country are noble things. They inspire civic virtue, that which our Republic requires to survive. But love of country does not mean accepting the United States at face value; it means always working towards making the country match its ideals of freedom, justice, and equality. Sometimes that means standing up and saying that things are wrong or disordered, which can be unpopular.

Source: How I Lost at Patriotism – And How We All Lose

And the money shot: In the end, “patriot” becomes yet another label we use to define our world view, which cheapens both the word and its meaning.