Kids and Gun Safety……..heh….


Posted specifically to invoke the popping of blood vessels in the tender little heads of the anti-Liberty cabal.

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NRA = “Terrorist Group”??

There’s been a recent rash of celebu-twits mass-shooting-their-mouths-off, and gun control. Nothing new there….to include the hypocrisy of their armed security.

What’s apparently gaining some sort of faux-gravitas amongst this virtue-signaling, naval gazing crowd of self-important sock puppets……is calling the NRA – a membership driven organization of 5+ million members…..a “terrorist organization”.

Another shooting.
I’m going to politicize the fuck out of it, and so should you.
The NRA is a terrorist organization.

— Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) April 3, 2018

Now, if there were an ounce of logic behind this absurd canard, wouldn’t it be the moral obligation, and civic duty to either eliminate NRA members, or [given that these snowflakes wouldn’t dream of ditching their faux tough talk for actual action] call law enforcement on NRA members.

Please….please call law enforcement on every NRA member that you come across. That should work out well for you. Otherwise….STFU.


3 Reasons an “Assault Weapons” ban is awful policy — The Palmieri Report

David French from the National Review laid out 3 reasons why an Assault Weapons ban is bad policy. The National Review: First, an assault-weapons ban is irrelevant to suicide deaths. The large majority of gun deaths are suicides, and there is no credible argument that an assault-weapons ban will have the slightest effect on suicide. I’m […]

via 3 reasons an Assualt Weapons ban is awful policy — The Palmieri Report

Title quotation marks mine, since there is no such animal as an “assault weapon”, outside of emotional, leftist circles…..

I was near a shooting once

No comment needed.

Random Acts of Gibberish

…(close enough that I hit the floor). With for-real fully automatic weapons.

When do I get on the cover of Time?

QoD: “I was somewhere near a shooting once and so now I’m a stainless steel saint” edition…
I’ll just shut up and let Dullhawk have the final thousand words…

“The right to not be shot”

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A Submachine Gun Primer, 2018

Stately McDaniel Manor

General Hertling (Ret.) doing it wrong

In CNN: Not Here To Pump Up Liberty, I wrote of CNN reporter Gary Tuchman, coached in shooting a fearsome AR-15 by a retired Army General.  Not only did both demonstrate poor firearms skills–actually dangerous gun handling–the General spoke of the AR-15 featured in CNN’s video as a “full semi automatic.” The General may not have been trying to trick people into thinking the most common, popular semiautomatic rifle in America is a machinegun, but that is a time-tested gun control tactic.

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A Sad Day for the Republic

Today, we see thousands of naive puppets descend upon our Nation’s capital……mindlessly regurgitating spoon-fed talking points, and basking in the unquestioning spotlight of the national infotainment-media complex.

They descend upon the Mall, passing by the National Archives, where our Founding documents are preserved; documents that were painstakingly drafted, argued over and ratified….protecting the natural rights of the American Citizen. The irony will be lost upon these masses.

They descend upon the Mall, perfidiously lying about the civil and Constitutional right of firearm ownership and self defense….while protected by legions of armed agents of the State and the pervasive surveillance apparatus.

They descend upon the Mall….incredulously asking….nay, begging the State to further infringe, if not remove, a Constitutional right.

How can the Republic stand, if the masses yearn to be not free?

Sage advice….which will be ignored

Lieutenant General (US Army Retired) Hal Moore, who commanded a battalion at the Battle of the Ia Drang, the first major battle between the U.S. Army and North Vietnamese regulars in 1965, and was immortalized in the film We Were Soldiers and book We Were Soldiers Once…and Young told West Point Cadets in 2005:

“The war in Iraq, I said, is not worth the life of even one American soldier. As for Secretary Rumsfeld, I told them, I never thought I would live long enough to see someone chosen to preside over the Pentagon who made Vietnam-era Defense Secretary Robert McNamara look good by comparison. The cadets sat in stunned silence; their professors were astonished. Some of these cadets would be leading young soldiers in combat in a matter of a few months. They deserved a straight answer.

The expensive lessons learned in Vietnam have been forgotten and a new generation of young American soldiers and Marines are paying the price today, following the orders of civilian political leaders as they are sworn to do. The soldiers and those who lead them will never fail to do their duty. They never have in our history. This is their burden. But there is another duty, another burden, that rests squarely on the shoulders of the American people. They should, by their vote, always choose a commander in chief who is wise, well read in history, thoughtful, and slow-exceedingly slow-to draw the sword and send young men and women out to fight and die for their country. We should not choose for so powerful an office someone who merely looks good on a television screen, speaks and thinks in sixty-second sound bites, and is adept at raising money for a campaign.

If we can’t get that part right then there will never be an end to the insanity that is war and the unending suffering that follows in war’s wake-and we must get it right if we are to survive and prosper as free Americans in this land a million Americans gave their lives to protect and defend.”

He was not invited back…….

I can’t remember where I saw and copied this from, so h/t to somebody. Apologies.

St. Patrick’s Day Hypocrisy

I’ve written of this in the past, likely on my old blog….but as daughter #2 [a champion Irish Dancer] is making the rounds of parades again, including today’s Washington D.C. parade, I’m compelled to revisit it.

In the current age of people looking to be offended, by screeching “cultural appropriation” anytime someone ‘violates’ an invented, Leftist social norm…and doesn’t possess the proper skin hue….why is St. Patrick’s Day overlooked?

Where are these ‘offended’ snowflakes, when thousands, if not millions of Americans equate being Irish with ginger hair, short stature and….drunkeness?

Skin color. Period.

Leftist snowflakes = racists.

Yep…I’m a “Gunsplainer”

Whiny Op-Ed in the WaPo:

The phenomenon isn’t new, but in the weeks since the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., a lot of gun-skeptical liberals are getting a taste of it for the first time: While debating the merits of various gun control proposals, Second Amendment enthusiasts often diminish, or outright dismiss their views if they use imprecise firearms terminology. Perhaps someone tweets about “assault-style” weapons, only to be told that there’s no such thing. Maybe they’re reprimanded that an AR-15 is neither an assault rifle nor “high-powered.” Or they say something about “machine guns” when they really mean semiautomatic rifles. Or they get sucked into an hours-long Facebook exchange over the difference between the terms clip and magazine.

Has this happened to you? If so, you’ve been gunsplained: harangued with the pedantry of the more-credible-than-thou firearms owner, admonished that your inferior knowledge of guns and their nomenclature puts an asterisk next to your opinion on gun control.

If you think that you’re going advocate for legislation, based on a faulty and misguided [if not outright perfidious] position on gun control…’d better expect to be corrected. On no other issue that I can think of, do we give credibility to significant legislative actions, impacting millions upon millions of people, based on provably faulty information, and above all…..emotion.

This is all the more evident by the beatification of the Parkland “activists”, where by media sock puppets and Statists refer to teenagers who were in the vicinity of a mass shooting as ….gun control “experts”. Laughably sad.

Officer “Boone” Passes….


It is with deep sadness that the Front Royal Police Department must report that K-9 Boone has passed away earlier today, just 2 days after his 12th birthday, from a brief illness he was being treated for. Boone and his handler, Sergeant J.B. Courtney, have been partners since June of 2007 when the K-9 program with our department was started.

K-9 Boone graduated from the United States Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection Canine School in 2007. He was actively serving our department, having been deployed on over 1000 occasions to assist in detecting illegal narcotics in vehicles, residences, and schools. Those deployments provided support to not just the Front Royal Police Department, but also the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Northwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force, National Park Service, and other area agencies. Sergeant J.B. Courtney and Boone have over 400 documented seizures of illegal narcotics and paraphernalia and have provided numerous K-9 demonstrations for area schools, civic organizations and has been a featured demonstrator at National Night Out.

Boone gave 100% to our department and the community he served for 11 years and will be missed by all. Please keep Sergeant J.B. Courtney and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they heal from his passing. – Link


Boone was a friend to us, a stalwart Law Enforcement Officer, and a beloved member of the Courtney family. He will be truly missed.