Another gun control celebutwit flaps her soup coolers

Nora Dunn, a one-time comedic actress on Saturday Night Live, has taken to one of the media outlets that regularly allow celebutwits to rant incoherently about subjects they know little about. And it proceeds pretty much as you’d expect.

We have seen what has happened in states with Stand Your Ground laws, which has been a disaster and seems to have given mostly white people the freedom to shoot mostly black people. But putting that aside, if your weapon is going to save your life, you must have it at the ready, loaded, and a few feet from you if not on your person. In the case of George Zimmerman, that worked, accept he killed an innocent, unarmed teenager. But he was acquitted of all responsibility at trial, and gun devotees supported him.

Cue the “gun owners are white, male racists’ card.

We don’t have laws that protect children from armed parents and automatic weapons that fall into the hands of wildly insane people. Not effective ones.

Apparently, somebody is unaware of our system of laws.

What the NRA has done is sold America a bill of goods, goods that don’t require any safety oversight. Gun manufacturers in America get off scot-free when it comes to safety concerns. Safety manufacturing laws are left to the makers of blenders and autos and cribs and power tools. When auto makers screw up, they pay millions in fines and are taken to court. Not gun manufactures, though. They have immunity and they are first people we should go after.

Blather, blather, blather. Ms. Dunn has been sold a bill of goods by the gun control industry, with lies that firearm manufacturers are not liable for product defects and death and injuries caused by them. She, like so many others, aren’t intelligent enough to grasp the fact that the firearm industry, like every other industry….is protected from frivolous lawsuits designed as punitive tantrums by aggrieved parties, if someone takes a lawful item and uses it in a criminal manner. Her idiocy is simply astounding.

To achieve real protection from assault weapons, Americans have to give them up. We have to ban them along with magazines clips that fire bullets worthy only of a war zone.

No Statist screed is complete without invoking the undefinable “assault weapon” scare tactic. But if her ppnt were valid, she would still be unable to explain why are civilian law enforcement agencies are equipped with such “weapons of war”.

The spirit of the second amendment never meant for assault weapons to be in the hands of everyone, nor used against children in a classroom.

Muskets were the “assault weapon” of their day, and she makes this asinine claim without any substance to back it up…..par for the course.

All guns could have serial numbers, but they don’t.

Name a firearm that doesn’t. Thought not.

We could install safety latches on hand guns to protect children but that went nowhere because of the gun lobby.

Every new handgun is provided with a trigger lock. Every. Single. One.

No one ought to have the right to manufacture and sell weapons of mass destruction to anyone other than the military, and those weapons should not be able to leave a military base under penalty of law.

There’s really no response for this level of utter intellectual deficiency. One could discount her as a washed up comedian and relegate her ignorance to the trash heap where it belongs….but this sort of willful perfidy is the stock and trade of the gun control industry and their enablers in Congress and the media.

I often ask those in the gun control camp…..but ever get an answer…..why do you let these sort of intellectual midgets speak for you? Why do you accept ignorance and fallacy to be the currency of your movement?