Retired paratrooper – Current DoD Contractor…….Harley owner, married to a gorgeous wife with two beautiful and wicked smart daughters…and a Border Collie. A fanatical Libertarian who has been known to rant about National Security, Foreign Policy, Civil Liberties, Politics, Trivial Observations, Oregon Ducks Football, Zombies, Bacon and Single Malt Scotch.

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  1. “National Security, Foreign Policy, Civil Liberties, Politics, Trivial Observations, Oregon Football, Zombies, Bacon and Single Malt Scotch.”

    All of those are good topics for rants. Good to meet you over at Mike’s site.

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    • Likewise! Although I’m not sure if this is a WordPress bug only on his site, but I’m unable to submit a comment there all of a sudden. This comes ironically just after his last e-mail exchange with him [which he initiated rather than respond in his own comments section], where he stated he no longer wished to communicate with me. Surely Mr. Weisser is not the sort who can’t handle alternative views?


  2. With the exception of Oregon football (I’m an LSU fan) and zombies, I applaud your other preferences, especially a pretty wife, bacon and single malt. Thanks for following Pesky Truth, I hope you find many kindred spirits there!

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  3. Thanks for stopping by and the follow. I enjoy your topics for rants and it would all be perfect if only you added just 1 more….Cigars! I look forward to reading your posts.

    Coming from a family that has a long list of servicemen, including myself, thank you for your service.

    Cheers, my fellow American!

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    • Thanks! I have been interested in trying cigars for awhile now, as they would often be a nice companion to a good single malt scotch….but I have to be home long enough to get started. Seems like I am always finding myself back in the Middle East…..


  4. Glad you enjoyed my post about Democrats and Gun Control. Your content is pretty good too, shoot me an email if you wanna collab sometime. (BTW you don’t think my joke about David Hogg was too much do you? XD)

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  5. We are good except for Scotch (Tellamore Dew), football (Motogp) and zombies (you mean lamestream media?). I have never had a Latte but I do appreciate an Americano. We had the privilege a few years ago to visit a friend in Tasmania for 2 weeks. Not a drip pot to be found. Espresso machines were the rule. Incredible! Great people and great Java.

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    • Not merely the media….but most of society, sadly. The consumer, drive-by, disposable, self-centered society that we are now burdened with.

      I’m a Highland malt fan, but can make do with anything in a pinch. [American college] football is the ‘one true sport’! Honorable mention of course, goes to women’s beach volleyball……

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