Lying Liars

No matter if it’s former POTUS or current POTUS…..when a political hack lies, they’re either stupid…..or they think you’re stupid.

You pick.

Obama, May 30: Well, I’ve said this before. The most difficult day that I’ve had was the day that there was a shooting in a school, where 20 small children were shot, as well as some teachers, and you know, my daughters were only a little bit older than these young children that had been shot and I had to go and comfort the parents. And some of you may be aware our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, any time whether or not (applause) you know, without much, if any, regulation. They can buy it over the internet. They can buy machine guns.


Post Memorial Day…..

I stated at the end of the previous post that It should be legal to punch anyone who says “happy Memorial Day”.

Lo and behold which pretend patriot said exactly that, several times….two years running now?

I still remember the good old days when Conservatives would excoriate a POTUS who would have said something like that….

For most of my countrymen it seems, honor is a shallow, partisan quality.

In Memoriam

This isn’t exactly an annual occurrence, reposting what I’ve written long ago. But finding myself back in Iraq on a Memorial Day, probably not 50 miles from where Jim Doster last drew breath…..I don’t really have anything else to write….that makes any more sense than what is already typed. This Memorial Day, I don’t have a dram of anything to raise – anything worthy of raising anyway.

Libertas and Latte

Every once in awhile, I look at my StatCounter page, to see where people are coming to this site from….and I noticed, that several views from today, are to one of the first few posts I made. It was closing in on Memorial Day 2009, but what I wrote was more to put emotions to words, than for the upcoming day of remembrance. Not many [any?] who stop by now, were around these parts in 2009, so for those that are now……I’d like to introduce you to SFC Jim Doster.

From 2009:
On the 29th of September 2007, I lost my friend Jim Doster.
A guy, who like me, wanted nothing more than to lead soldiers one more time before retiring. A guy who, like me, had heartache about where the Army had sent him during his career, and the regrets of missed opportunities. Jim and I became friends while…

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Like the Internet, the Twitterverse is forever….

Red Flags….and your Rights

Red flag laws are an infringement of all of our rights that are supposed to be protected by The Constitution.

You will never be allowed to face your accuser.

You are denied due process before you receive the punishment.

You are guilty until proven innocent.

You are not secure in your person, papers and effects.

It is prior restraint on your free speech because it creates a chilling effect on expressing innocent thoughts which can be taken out of context. 

From –  The Abode of McThag

This is how they will wage war upon those who will not submit, and this is how they will [continue] to shred the Constitution.

They are setting up confrontations….to further their aims. This campaign could almost be called ‘false flag’ rather than ‘red flag’.

2nd Amendment rights groups are starting to tackle this through legal channels….but where are pro-Rights politicians? Where is leadership on this issue from “allies and advocates”.

Molon Labe needs to stop being a cute slogan and symbol for show… needs to be strategy.

Muslims Under the Bed…..

Across the breadth of Right-wing blogs, I find a consistent thread, at least among the chest-beating, internet faux-tough-guys……which is, doing “something” about Muslims in America. Almost shockingly, I saw the term “final solution” employed.

I find it absolutely fascinating that members of the camp that alleges persecution of their religion at the hands of the State….would so willingly grant the State the power to conduct religious genocide……unless what is proffered is some vigilante fantasy.

So, aside from endless, impotent bitching in an echo chamber….what exactly is the plan to rid society of this alleged boogeyman?

A Lesson from Zimbabwe

About halfway through a really interesting book about the plight of white farmers in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). A biography / autobiography written from the perspective of a farmers son, born in Rhodesia but left to see the world as a Journalist…….then returned to witness the twilight years of his parents (and most other whites) farms and homes…..and livelihood. The Last Resort: A Memoir of Zimbabwe

One quote stood out, as the author recounted how the ruling party (ZANU-PF) acting with it vast power and relative wealth, in a country that they themselves were raping blind:

"Belligerent victimhood is a mark of tyranny, an ugly and dangerous thing to behold"

That is the theme of today’s political landscape. Cry victim. Whether it’s the Left promoting racial segregation and speech codes or the Right claiming religious persecution or the exposure of POTUS’s pathological lying……our ruling parties are tendering victimhood as their political currency, all while both blame the opposition of exactly that.

And the sycophants across the spectrum line up for bread and circuses.

Are we so far far gone as a society, that not only can we not find a strong, rational and honest leader, but we ridicule and shame those who speak out against the farce that is our current situation?

POTUS and Veteran Suicides

A critical and important step in mitigating this tragic effect of our never ending adventurism abroad.

We are facing the same critical shortfall now. Remarkably, veteran suicide rates have remained static despite numerous ‘plans of action,’ influxes of money, the creation of thousands of Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), and legislation directed at streamlining and improving the VA.

Accordingly, the new order will give agency officials a year to develop an aggressive plan for combating veteran suicide with a particular focus on state and local community engagement.

The task force will explore a grant system which provides funds directly to local charities and city programs to provide individualized assistance to veterans. While a similar program through Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was successful in cutting veteran homelessness in half, it remains to be seen if generalizing this solution to a very different problem set will be successful.


Meet the New Swamp…….

Same as the old swamp

I’ve got a bridge for anyone who still believes that the current Administration has any inclination to “drain the swamp”……an irrelevant undefinable campaign slogan though it is.

Revelations have surfaced that POTUS overruled White House security clearance officials, and granted his son-in-law a Top Secret clearance. This isn’t illegal of course, though Kushner didn’t qualify for such a clearance, POTUS likely has this authority.

But it flies in the face of the aforementioned campaign slogan…..and Donald and Ivanka’s lies about intervening.

Typical of this Administration – a cabal that has shown the Right to be as much crying little snowflakes as the Left.