Dependence Day

We are less free than at any point in our history (slavery excluded of course). Sure, we’ve made some great strides in our regards to civil rights, especially recently.

But our society is more dependent on the State, by far, than we ever have been. We’ve long ago stopped having a government of, by and for the people. And the polity has welcomed it with open arms, in the name of convenience and submission.

That said, I would rather live in, and give service to, no other nation as this.Maybe we’ll get it right someday…..

From Raven’s Rook:

I know, a lot of people nowadays just say ‘Happy 4th of July!’, but that doesn’t remind us why we celebrate this day.

We celebrate the day that a group of people declared to the world that Government had certain limits, and that when any government overstepped its bounds, that it was not only acceptable, but right and proper for the citizens of that government to stand up en masse and say ‘NO’. Enforcing it with firearms, if necessary.

Today, we have people who claim to be patriots, but spew hatred and distrust, lies and fear.

These people are not patriots. If your every action, your every word, attacks the very concepts that created this country, you cannot call yourself a patriot. No – when you act that way, you are the worst kind of traitor. You are a destroyer of the values that made this country.

If you are in power and act that way, you are worse than a traitor.


A Quick Thought On Memorial Day

A Quick Thought On Memorial Day

While it’s never wrong to thank a veteran for his or her service, that is not what today is for. Save that for Veteran’s Day. Today we remember the ones who never got to take off the uniform, those that never came home, the ones that paid that ultimate sacrifice. So we do not “celebrate” Memorial Day, we respect what it stands for. Now granted I will have my cookout and drink several adult beverages, after all, it is an extra day off of work. But in the back of my mind, and hopefully yours too, we will remember our brothers and sisters of all branches of the military and hope that their sacrifice wasn’t in vain. As an Army retiree and the proud father of a soldier, today weighs heavily on me and my family, I am so very grateful for those that served before me and after me. So lift a glass of whatever beverage you choose, and thank those we can only remember, those who fell on the battlefields the world over. And pray that the wars will end, and peace will reign. Amen.

A Quick Thought On Memorial Day
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Idiot Journalism

The Texas school shooter has been described as posting an image of an overcoat with [among other accoutrements], a “Nazi” medal.


The medal is actually one awarded sometime between the years 1813 and 1918, and represents the Iron Cross, 2nd Class. This medal has absolutely nothing to do with Nazism.

This may seem like a minor point, but if we are collectively attempting to get at the root causes of why this oxygen thief shot up Santa Fe High School…….it isn’t helpful to invent ideologies that he may or may not have ascribed to.

A simple Google search can go a long way….much like identification and function of firearms….which by the way, seems to be relatively ignored in this case, as the shooter had a shotgun and a .38 revolver. Not a scary, black “assault-weapon-of-war”….or some other mouth breathing nonsense.


I’ve been looking for a list like this….

By now, most, I’m sure, have heard of the horror perpetrated by a Utah high school girl, one Keziah Daum. It is an offense of unimaginable proportions, a provocation that threatens to tear asunder the fabric of multi-cultural, diverse, tolerant society. That’s right: she wore a red dress of a generically Asian style—maybe Chinese-ish–to prom. […]

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Relevant quotes for these times….

“It is something sitting down the street in the Reich Chancellery, lonesomely bent over a great desk, drawing lines on maps, dreaming big dreams of world conquest.

It is crowded around in a circle in Warsaw, racking its brains in an attempt to outguess Hitler.

It is gathered in a church in England, asking God for guidance at this fatal hour.

It is walking in the fields of France, where anxious eyes are trained on the secret hills across the Rhine.

It is in a thousand history books, in a million dispatches of ambassadors to their governments, in hundreds of capitals over the world, in the opinions of men talking excitedly on street corners, in the hearts of mothers and in the wild hopes of their sons.

It lies in the whims of the bosses, the whims of the dictators, the caprices of their women. War is the biggest thing in the world.

It is the massing of all that is the worst of mankind; it is the hatreds of people, their secret resentments, their greed, their firm convictions all rolled together and exploded to destroy the cities and the fields and the human beings who get in its unholy path.

That is war.”


“You want to know how a minority can keep itself in power against the wishes of the majority? 

This is one method: Make every citizen feel in his heart that at one time or another he said or did something against the government and let him think that the government knows about his indiscretion but is merely biding its time until he makes a bigger slip.

Who speaks more patriotically to strangers than the man who fears immediate arrest by the Gestapo?

Who will say “Heil Hitler” more loudly?”

Excerpts from Berlin Embassy

An Essay on the Second Amendment: Part Three- Rights Remain as Times Change

The Salient conclusion of this piece speaks volumes…..”As time passes by, our rights remain intact. We have seen innovation, invention, and betterment of life due to technological advancements. Even so, the gun community is told that the technology is too dangerous to handle. Imagine the insanity if someone said that the right to free speech does not apply to social media. Millions of people would be up in arms, and for good reason. Just because humanity gains technological strides does not mean that our rights do not keep up with us.”

The Classy Libertarian

How often do audiences hear that “the Second Amendment was only meant for muskets” from journalists and gun control advocates?

It seems it would make sense if the audience ignores two factors: the Founding Fathers had seen that technology continually change, and that advanced weaponry besides muskets had already been invented.

The first idea is pretty easy to debunk. Technology in general had made life easier, from communication (via word of mouth to writing with quill and ink to the Gutenberg printing press), to transportation (via walking, domesticating horses, to horse drawn buggies), to housing (huts made of mud and rock to log cabins to buildings made of brick and mortar).

When discussing warfare, mankind has made extraordinary changes. Wooden clubs became spears and swords, slings and stones became bows and arrows, crossbows and bolts, and eventually firearms. From here, the second notion (that no advanced technology beyond muskets…

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NRA = “Terrorist Group”??

There’s been a recent rash of celebu-twits mass-shooting-their-mouths-off, about gun control. Nothing new there….to include the hypocrisy of their armed security.

What’s apparently gaining some sort of faux-gravitas amongst this virtue-signaling, naval gazing crowd of self-important sock puppets……is calling the NRA – a membership driven organization of 5+ million members…..a “terrorist organization”.

Another shooting.
I’m going to politicize the fuck out of it, and so should you.
The NRA is a terrorist organization.

— Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) April 3, 2018

Now, if there were an ounce of logic behind this absurd canard, wouldn’t it be the moral obligation, and civic duty to either eliminate NRA members, or [given that these snowflakes wouldn’t dream of ditching their faux tough talk for actual action] call law enforcement on NRA members.

Please….please call law enforcement on every NRA member that you come across. That should work out well for you. Otherwise….STFU.

3 Reasons an “Assault Weapons” ban is awful policy — The Palmieri Report

David French from the National Review laid out 3 reasons why an Assault Weapons ban is bad policy. The National Review: First, an assault-weapons ban is irrelevant to suicide deaths. The large majority of gun deaths are suicides, and there is no credible argument that an assault-weapons ban will have the slightest effect on suicide. I’m […]

via 3 reasons an Assualt Weapons ban is awful policy — The Palmieri Report

Title quotation marks mine, since there is no such animal as an “assault weapon”, outside of emotional, leftist circles…..

I was near a shooting once

No comment needed.

Random Acts of Gibberish

…(close enough that I hit the floor). With for-real fully automatic weapons.

When do I get on the cover of Time?

QoD: “I was somewhere near a shooting once and so now I’m a stainless steel saint” edition…
I’ll just shut up and let Dullhawk have the final thousand words…

“The right to not be shot”

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