“You people with this phony emoluments clause”

Can’t add anything by more to this level of utter stupidity…….

The Republic weeps

Quote of the Day

Seems fitting for the vast majority of Americans today……..

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
― Samuel Adams 

h/t to McThag

….And, this is why we Homeschool

Or at least one of the countless reasons why we didn’t entrust our most precious treasures to government schools:

A Colorado teen has been told he cannot return to school until authorities hold a “threat assessment hearing” after he went target shooting with his mother.  Nate Evans, a junior at Loveland High School in Loveland, Colorado actually got a visit from police after he posted video of his plinking with his mom Justine according to the Colorado 2nd Amendment group Rally For Our Rights.


The school not only refused to provide her with more information about the “threat”, but they refused to provide Nate with schoolwork so he doesn’t get behind.  A “threat assessment hearing” has been scheduled for Thursday morning at 10am at the school admin building where Justine will be allowed to defend her son against SEVEN school officials who will be in attendance to, as she was told, “make their case”.  Make their case of what?  That Nate’s outing with his mother to train with her firearms somehow makes him a danger to the school?


I mistakenly thought that we had moved past the ‘zero tolerance’ idiocy of years past, where students were suspended for having a Midol for menstrual cramps [not very feminist of them at the time…].

But no….merely being seen in proximity of a lawful, Constitutionally protected object now equates to a crime….or at least ‘pre-crime’ in our ironically named institutions of learning.

What’s even more concerning however….as much as I am disgusted by how much people voluntarily surrender to social media….is the premise that a government agency can troll the social media pages of Citizens…..and punish them for actions completely unrelated to the agency itself.

Think about this anecdote when you mull over the potential abuses of “red flag” gun laws…..

Chaos 6: Still a Class Act

In response to a petulant tweet by you-know-who:

“Any Marine general or any other senior servant of the people of the United States would find that, to use a mild euphemism, counterproductive and beneath the dignity of the presidency.

Let me put it this way. I’ve written an entire book built on the principles of respecting your troops, respecting each other, respecting your allies. Isn’t it pretty obvious how I would feel about something like that?”

The Atlantic

With name-calling, without ALL CAPs or exclamation points, and without lies……he makes a succinct point, with class.

We always seem to get the leadership that we deserve, instead of the leadership that would be best for the Republic…..

Kudos to Trump

Credit where credit is due.

President Trump has signed a memorandum directing the Department of Education to forgive all federal student loan debt owed by veterans who are “completely and permanently” disabled. 

The policy change will eliminate “hundreds of millions of dollars” of student loan debt, Mr. Trump said in announcing the memo at a speech to the American Veterans 75th National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. The memo Mr. Trump signed on stage Wednesday directs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie to create an expedited process to make sure those veterans have their debt discharged with minimal burdens, according to the White House.

CBS News

It’s the least we can do for wounded Veterans, after what this nation has done to them.

Still Dancing to bin Laden’s Tune

In 2001, al Qaeda consisted of only 400 ideologues in the far corners of the world. After the recent regime change wars in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria, typical estimates place their membership at around 20,000. To top it all off, the American economy is out $5.6 trillion dollars for the whole failed project. This is not the legacy of a war to spread, or even protect, liberty and prosperity. Instead it is the legacy of an evil but gifted tactician, al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Contrary to the popular misunderstanding of al Qaeda’s motives and strategy, bin Laden and his partner Ayman al Zawahiri were not trying to scare America away with the September 11th attacks. They were trying to provoke an overreaction. Al Qaeda’s leaders wanted the U.S. to invade Afghanistan in order to bog our military down, “bleed us to bankruptcy,” and force a worn-out, broken empire to leave the region the hard way, and permanently, just as they had done to the Soviet Union in the 1980s with American support. Only then could they hope to launch the revolutions they sought in their home countries without interference from the American superpower.

Source: Breitbart

I like me some job security, but enough is enough. When will our disastrous foreign policy ambitions be thwarted by rational Americans?

Okay…that was rhetorical. We all know that answer is never. Even as we now prop up the Saudi regime in Yemen, and enable their pursuit of war with Iran.

When will Citizens and wake the fuck up? Patriots already have….but are far too few in number, and led by charlatans like fish on a hook.

Sigh….Again with the Background Checks…

So, another shooting, and another hysterical rash of calls for increased [or ‘universal’] background checks.

We as a nation, will never actually address the root problem, will we? We are cultivating a self-centered, disposable, drive-by society, where Maslow’s hierarchy has been condensed into an on-demand, social media-ization framework.

Intelligent people could see that recipe for disaster from the start.

Blaming these events on the tool used or rhetoric by one’s politician of choice for convenient scapegoating, ignores the root of the problem. The root that people writ large don’t want to confront…..that we’ve done this to ourselves.

Now….on to background checks: All Citizens [even small ‘c’ citizens] should be able to agree that legislation should be reasoned, fair and enforceable…no? I have asked gun control radicals and ignorant sheep alike, for years….tell me what the enforcement mechanism is for ‘universal background checks‘.

If UBC is legislated, how will the State know if I sell a firearm to a friend/neighbor/acquaintance/stranger…or even knowingly to a criminal? How will UBC be enforced?

No answer? Then we should agree that this legislation is a waste of time and effort….and will be yet another gun law that goes largely unenforced.