F*ck Ashli Babbitt

Too provocative? Maybe. But no more so that an elected United States Representative [and QAnon asshat] Paul Gosar [R, AZ] when he maligned law enforcement, asking FBI Director Wray:

“Do you know who executed Ashli Babbitt?” and “The Capitol police officer that did this shooting appeared to be hiding, lying in wait and then gave no warning before killing her.” See how he frames the actions of the LEO, but not Babbitt?

I have no animosity against Babbitt, she was an anti-American useful idiot. I most certainly harbor sincere animosity against those in positions of authority who would attempt to martyr her in the pursuit of a lie. The unnamed Capitol Police Officer who fired the lethal shot, was manning the barricade [with a mere three other officers] that constituted the inner, and last ring of defense outside the House Chambers……not as some elected Representatives have claimed, the insurrectionists being “like normal tourists”, or “staying within the rope lines”……..but rather violently assaulting U.S. Capitol and its police, and breaking through doors and windows to gain entry.

Sheep attempting to exculpate the ‘deep state’ elites and their sycophants in pursuit of a lie [in the absence of any credible facts], are guilty of everything the acolytes of the charlatan claim in the opposite. And they should pay….dearly.

You’re Constantly Being Lied To…..

An attorney for DC Police said in court, for the first time, that the department did indeed use tear gas on protesters around Lafayette Square Park last June. Protesters and the ACLU are suing federal police, and MPD, over their use of tear gas.

MPD has consistently said that it was “not involved” in what happened at Lafayette Square Park on June 1, 2020 when protesters were forcefully cleared minutes before former President Donald Trump walked to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

WUSA9 collected evidence and showed video that proved federal police agencies fired tear gas canisters at protesters at and around Lafayette Square Park on June 1. 


Why do you put up with it?

**Unrelated – Kamala Harris wants you to “enjoy the long weekend”……apparently forgetting that it exists because our fallen Brothers and Sisters can’t………real classy…..

What Exactly Did They Die For

Fort Smith National Cemetery-Author

Was it worth the cost, were they able to see what a fat, lazy and entitled society that we’ve become? Soft (in mind and body) devotees of political idols and charlatans……concerned more with assuaging low self esteem with impotent rage on the internet, than working to provide a better future for the next generation……On one side, a clique that eschews the intrinsic value of labor……and the other who has perverted patriotism into pornography. What words would they have for what’s left of this Republic?

Not kind ones too be sure.

Seems a Simple Idea…..

What’s the solution to this “culture war” between the 1619ers and the 1776ers? I’m a historian, and I’ve taught U.S. history. The solution is easy. You teach both. America is a land of contradictions. Any U.S. historian worth her salt is going to talk about genocide and the Native Americans; is going to talk about the violent and bitter legacies of slavery; and is also going to talk about the ideals and idealism of the founders, however imperfectly they put them into practice, and the promise of the Constitution and the spirit of liberty. To ignore slavery while singing the praises of the founders would be as flawed and one-sided as focusing entirely on slavery without ever mentioning the proud achievements of those same founders.

America is a complex and contradictory place — and any historian is going to address those complexities and contradictions because that’s precisely what makes history interesting, fascinating, enthralling. Few students want to be comforted by feel-good history or assaulted by feel-bad history. They want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly, and historians should be able to teach the same. There’s simply no need for a culture war here over the content of history.

I said there’s no need, but that doesn’t mean a culture war isn’t wanted. Polemicists love culture wars, and so too do the already privileged and the powerful. For if we’re fighting each other, if we perceive we’re divided and simply can’t find common ground, we’ll forget we have so much in common, like our desire for a living wage, affordable health care, and politicians who’d actually represent us instead of the special interests.

Bracing Views

My pessimism won’t allow mew to think this will ever come to pass. Too many people are emotionally invested.

About Damn Time

OK, it’s still just a threat of a slap on the wrist….but one that is long overdue:

In an act of bipartisanship that is as rare as a Chief Warrant Officer 5 sighting, a group of senators from both sides of the aisle are proposing a new incentive to get the Pentagon to finally pass an audit: Punishment.

The Audit the Pentagon Act of 2021 would require any Defense Department component that fails an audit next fiscal year to forfeit 1% of its budget, which would be returned to the U.S. Treasury Department.

The bill is co-sponsored by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), and Mike Lee (R-Utah).

“For decades, the Defense Department has been losing the battle against wasteful spending,” Grassley said in a May 19 statement.  “We’ve seen example after example of excessive and inefficient spending by the Pentagon, and every dollar squandered is a dollar not being used to support our men and women in uniform. After 30 years to get ready, this bill pushes the Defense Department to finally achieve a clean annual audit — a requirement that every other federal agency is held to.”

Task & Purpose

Maybe, just maybe….we can also wean the armchair commandos of of the idea that quantity beats capability.

The Everlasting Lure of Victimhood

An interesting piece from Damian Penny, who pens the Damnation! Direct blog on Substack.

“You guys know he lost, right?”

So asks Kevin Williamson in National Review, who expresses his befuddlement at the Republican Party swearing Jonestown-level loyalty to a man who led them to a catastrophic defeat – not catastrophic enough, in my opinion, but still pretty bad – in the last election. Wasn’t the whole point of backing Trump was because he supposedly won at everything he ever tried?

Walter Mondale, who passed away not long ago, didn’t have Democrats scrambling to lick his boots in 1985. Bob Dole’s run as a Republican power player pretty much ended after his unsuccessful challenge to Clinton in 1996.

And, of course, we’ve seen what the GOP now thinks about its previous two Presidential election losers, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

But Trump’s iron grip on the party appears stronger than ever, and yet another assumption we made these past few years has been proven wrong. I figured the GOP would have tossed him overboard after losing the White House and the Senate (the latter by losing both Senate seats in freaking Georgia).

I underestimated just how powerful and intoxicating the feeling of victimhood can be. (Bolding mine)

When we talk about the weaponization of victimhood and trauma, we usually think about woke college kids, and not without reason. (The latest example: students at a university right here in Atlantic Canada pressuring the school to suspend and pledge to re-educate an Lebanese-born professor for expressing doubleplusungood opinions on her website.)

But it’s very much a phenomenon on the right, as well. Trump might be wrong about almost everything else, but he was deviously smart to identify growing dissatisfaction among the white working class in rural America and tell them that all of their problems were someone else’s fault. And the “stolen” election of 2020 is just the latest example of how the elites are screwing them over.

The thing is, many parts of America that went for Trump really have had a rough go of it these past few decades. I support free trade and drug legalization, but I cannot deny that the former has caused some real pain in some sectors of the economy, and the scourge of opioid addiction has made me reconsider some of my assumptions about the latter. If you’re in some rural county without well-paying jobs, what would you have to lose by voting for the guy who promises to shake things up?

The flip side, of course, is that a responsible politician – as opposed to a loudmouthed populist – sometimes has to tell even his own base hard truths they won’t want to hear. The world has changed and the good old days just aren’t coming back.

It might not be fair, but life ain’t fair. That’s what conservative Republicans used to think, isn’t it?

I didn’t include Kevin Williamson’s National Review excerpt, but it’s worth a read too.

Pardoned War Criminal Confesses to War Crime

Nearly two years after being found not guilty of killing an unarmed ISIS fighter, retired Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher has made an earth-shattering admission: Neither he nor any of the other SEALs on the scene tried to save the wounded fighter’s life.

“The grain of truth in the whole thing is that that ISIS fighter was killed by us, and that nobody at that time had a problem with it,” Gallagher said during an interview for the finale of “The Line” podcast, which aired on Tuesday.

“We killed that guy,” Gallagher continued. “Our intention was to kill him. Everybody was on board.”


Remember, Eddie is a hero to a certain faux-macho demographic….