8 thoughts on ““Exercise in Cruelty”

  1. Reminds me of a time when were packing up a friends belongings and in walked the company CO to “vet” what was going to be sent back.
    After that slime had finished, the box only had a few personals left including a pair of slippers never worn. He frowned and asked what the significance they were. We told him his mother had made them for him and he carried them everywhere never wanting to wear them in case they got damaged.

    He tried to take them out of the locker saying it would upset his mother.

    I’m not quite sure who hit him but down he went with the Sgt standing over him telling him he was an ahole for not knowing his men and that the mother had died days after sending them to her only son.

    The slippers went back to his family with all his keepsakes.
    Untouched by another officer’s hands and, as always, handled with the respect he deserved.


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