9 thoughts on “Since SCIF’s are in the news…..

  1. CI… help a layman out. I’ve heard that some docs Trump had were related to “signals intelligence.”

    What is that and can you come up with any reason a former president would want or need that info at his private residence or after his term ends?



  2. I would think those two clowns jousting would indeed prefer their activity be kept secret, hence what better place in which to do their shenanigans at taxpayer expense. Which begs the observation… if this play was a “secret” activity.. well.. I thought cameras were not allowed in there.


  3. Ive spent a little time in a SCIF in the past.

    Had to lock up our phones, comm, devices.
    The sigint could have been old call signs or briefings that he received, etc.
    Good chance that he was lazy and didn’t get the stuff properly destroyed.

    After hearing about Hilary Clinton’s mishandling adventures, nothing surprises me that most non-military serving politicians would mishandle classified info.

    Trump is no real criminal. I hope someone digs up what really happened or who was behind the FBI crap.

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    • I would agree with you except during the 4 years of his presidency, as well as his time since, he has had staff and aides who knew exactly what to do and not do with classified material. And there is no doubt that they told him, repeatedly.

      He knew months ago, that he was not entitled to have the information that the FBI even knew he had, much less more. He had every opportunity to turn it over…….and did not. That crosses the line from witting to unwitting. From accident to criminal.


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