Yep. What I’ve been saying for years.

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11 thoughts on “Yep. What I’ve been saying for years.

  1. It’s convenient to blame a proliferation taxes (hence “bad” politics) for some apparent loss of “simple” freedoms to governmental regulation but methinks that doesn’t present the full picture. Consider….
    Population of the U.S. in 1776 = 2.6 million
    Population of the U.S. 125 years ago… 1897= 62 million
    Population of the U.S. today= 340 million

    There’s your answer. It isn’t about being Liberal, Conservative, or Libertarian. Also.. it’s gonna get far worse as the population continues to grow.


      • I think I know what you’re trying to say as it relates to expressly following the Constitution…. but the pressures of an increasing population presents huge social (and subsequentially political) pressures on the mechanisms afforded in the Constitution. Think of it.. a small percentage reflects in actual large numbers. Back when the population was far less, a given percentage of the population was also far less and likely well ignored as being insignificant. Current percentage of homeless in America is .2% of the population. Back in 1897 that would be 124,000 nationwide. In 2022 that would be 680,000.. not a number to be ignored anymore.


      • I thought it was pretty clear. When a government is allowed to egregiously flout the enumerated powers by which it is Constitutionally restricted to….a vast increase in population will only exacerbate already constrained resources.

        The mechanisms in the Constitution has long been ignored in favor of political expediency and consolidation of power.


    • There’s that.. perhaps. But nature will ultimately play a roll with rising sea levels, changing weather patterns.. and most likely, future diseases running amok. That is, of course, there are no nuclear wars or stupidity surrounding nuclear power stations in the wrong places.


  2. Damn there is a lot of truth in this. I once posted on my blog about the fantasy that when you buy a house you become a property owner. Nothing like the freedom of owning your own property! But the truth is that nobody ever owns the property they thing they have purchased … as long as the government collects property taxes, so-called property owners are not owners at all but are, in all reality, renters in perpetuity.

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